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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Eat, Pray and Love.

Eat. Know what to eat. Discover the perfect way to eat. Relish the experience of eating. Eat with friends. Eat with family. Eat in the setting that evokes your soul. Eat to enjoy. Eat to stay healthy. Eat to celebrate. Eat to stay powerful, physical and emotionally. Eat to learn about the cultures and diversities. Eat to know the secret spices of nature. Eat to give life. Eat to sanitize your body systems.

Pray. Pray with closed eyes. Pray with open eyes. Pray with expectations. Pray to learn and find. Pray to seek answers. Pray to ask questions. Pray to experience the darkness. Pray to see the light. Pray to find the God. Pray to identify the soul within. Pray to supercharge your emotional identity. Pray to galvanize your energy fields. Pray to gain spiritual ammunition. Pray to provide answers.

Love. Love unconditionally. Love like there is no tomorrow. Love the imperfections. Love the faults. Love the less blessed. Love your friends. Love your enemies. Love your desires. Love your ambitions. Love the unsaid commitments. Love the turbulence. Love the tranquility. Love the obstacles. Love the velocity. Love your body. Love your soul. Love complications. Love simplicities. Love, for there is no other way, that is going to stay.

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