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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Missing the Buzz... Here I am.

I am writing this post after many months; and I must establish that by the end of April 2011, for the unfathomed reasons, I had the gut instinct that I may be kept denuded of my virtual social life for the weeks to come. Professional commitments come in the unyielding coats and, like most of the toffee-nosed bosses, demand unflickering attention. Initially I felt bad for now adhering to my daily ritual of blogging, then the craving diminished as the time passed. When time decides to move on, it virtually gives horns to your internal processors, complimented with a comfortable amnesia, selective of course.

It was an usual morning about a week back and I could experience a sudden jolt in my telencephalon. What the heck I was doing all these months? There had been moments of ecstasy, randomness, accomplishments, failures, humdrum and what not? Why was I careless enough to keep my readers devoid of their daily dose? Why not spread the whiff of my experiences to the folks? To observe is the bliss and to disseminate the knowledge is divine.

It is hard to extract some slice of life from the over-congested schedule of my daily life as a doctor; but it had to be done. And as I write this small piece, I feel content. I feel like a child who just found an uninhabited jungle of mango trees, with bunch of ripe mangoes hanging from every branch. The more I write the more I know myself. To discover the untouched facets of your mind and soul is indeed an experience. The more you discover something precious, the avarice increases exponentially. You keep on exploring till you start nearing the kernel of your existence, your innerself, in its purest form. I make a promise to all my friends, colleagues and readers that I will continue to write till the time I think my rendezvous with life bears a potential to be shared.

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