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Sunday, February 19, 2012

25 Amazing Moments

  1. Someone expressed love interest in you. And that someone was not a random someone.
  2. You got your first job.
  3. You had your first night-out.
  4. You helped someone with your pocket money, and no one came to know of this.
  5. You just cooked your first ever recipe. Though it was anyway far-flug from being perfect; at least you created something that others loved.
  6. You decided to take your dreams ahead.
  7. You paid a surprise visit to your mother, when she needed you most but was not expecting your arrival.
  8. You got your first pay check.
  9. You ramshackle ordinary expectations and secure exceptional grades in your class. Who the hell ever mentioned you a lousy pupil? Period. Thing of past.
  10. You managed to just propose to your love interest.
  11. You observe the twilight with stars in your eyes, open-armed.
  12. You first touched the fingers of your new born.
  13. You helped a cupid-couple in distress by arranging ordeals of court marriage.
  14. You founded your own company.
  15. You got rid of all the loans.
  16. You were proven right in one of your decisions that had a life changing potential.
  17. You woke up to witness your spouse thoughtfully staring your face, seeming lost in the province of love and belonging.
  18. You just smelled the air containing whiff of wet earth, for it rained first time in the season.
  19. Your first kiss.
  20. You shoot a video of your grandson, with the happy family providing the peppy background noise.
  21. You overcame your addiction. Be it nicotine, alcohol or any other illicit substance.
  22. You just got your complete body check up and got to know that you are completely healthy.
  23. You boarded a flight for the first time in your life.
  24. You open your cupboard to get your hands on old albums, letters, diaries and hand-written chronicles.
  25. You donated blood for the first time.

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