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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Be in Elysium. Pack your bags.

Traveling is tantalizing. The crude joy of packing up your essentials and hitting the road with a broad grin on a sun-soaked morning has fewer matches. Some people revel at road-trips, other at planned vacations of snow-capped peaks. For me, the joy of unplanned voyage comes with biggest foudroyant. The primrose path of traveling is immune to comparisons; for some, it is therapeutic, and for others it is exploratory.

The sight of mud-coated sideways, the smell of pollens in the air, the sensation of having taken a new birth – traveling enriches your experience of life by studding it with much required indulgences. You travel to find new paths, to discover the places that have legends around them and to create some enriched infographics in the visual cortex of your brain. When you travel you seem to be the best choice for the practical illustration of theory of relativity, for time vapors away fast before you start appreciating the bubbles in your soul.

Traveling is the time tested turn-on for the hedonist. You get caught in a bundle of halcyon every time you come across a flock of sheep; you feel soaked in the divine titillation every time your gaze gets fixed on the sight of a solemn tree with ear-splitting twitter of birds. Traveling is such a teaser, with insane intensity. The hedonics of palmy days remains forever in the memory-centre of your brain; traveling comes with long-lasting effects. Give the primordial site of your personality a relish, fasten your boots and be a vagabond.

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