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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Fear is the recipe to disaster.

In the cantankerous ride of life, I have realized the importance of being fearless. A fretful person’s outlook and insight gets blanketed by cynicism; the colors slowly transform to the darker shades of grey, to no beneficial avail. Fear is a primordial reaction of our living beings; but you must learn to evolve as you grow. It offers you no help getting intimidated by a seemingly difficult situation as the pertinent choice would be to master out a plan that serves you right.

Being lily-livered would transform you into dead meat, sooner or later; realize this and don’t be afraid, the dog won’t bite you. Immerse deep into the origin of fear and look out for the collateral options. Fear is not a matter of necessity, for all of us have witnessed people for whom fear had been an alien emotion. The more you doubt your abilities, the more you are prone to succumbing fear. Acquire the larger meaning of life by sheer wisdom, and then visualize the situation from a tangential perspective.

Faint-hearted folks have never been able to realize their full potentials. Take the example from history books and you would find that most of the successful people took some or the other decisions in their lives that breached the dominion of fear. Fear stalks your vision. Fear curbs your rationality. Fear is addictive for the weak-kneed chaps as nothing else provides them a better recluse. So declare war to your innate fear and discover the warrior in you.

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