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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Nothing is a Myth.

As I write this I put enormous faith on the interdependent nature of energy and mass. Whatever happens, holds a good reason behind for its occurrence. What I have gathered through years of my interaction with people and my real-life experiences is that nothing happens just for the heck of it. We explore, sometimes quite deep inside, to find the truth and then dig deeper to find its origin and relevancy. However, most of us miss the essentially stubborn point, that is, after a certain level, everything is as complex as a ‘zero’. Nature is born with a mind and its rules know no other path than the one that establishes its supremacy.

We are all born with our energy fields and live them. In the processes of life, we tend to maneuver our energy fields a lot. A truth is a truth to the person whose energy field is compatible with it, for the other person it may be false, or between the shades of truth and false. You challenge the highest authority; you challenge yourself and the fun is not in discovering a greater force than you. The fun is in realizing that the biggest powerhouse dwells in your own very DNA. Legends are not created when the energy fields assume mammoth proportions so as to evoke mass reaction, that too in a sustainable and reassuring way. A myth is something that doesn’t exist; it’s a relative reality of the mind whose energy fields bear self-doubts.

You are the light and you are the shadow. You have the capacity to absorb the world’s energy in the way you want. Get ignited or get burnt. Get a life or plea for one. Focus on the enormous reservoir of energy lying inside you or pass your life bitching about the achievements of others. We are born with five essential senses to know the world around us and nature has more than five senses to overpower us in the times of a head-on collision. Put faith in your abilities, identify the soul within and you can explore senses that defy ordinary capacities. Know the world from inside out and keep the methods simple. Start the celestial journey from the centrum of your soul and you shall never be defeated. Oh did I mention defeat, sorry, it’s a relative word too.

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