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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

10 Things Everyone Should Know How To Do

  1. Knowing one’s own blood group. It would further help if you know the blood group of your family members. No one knows when the time puts you in a position where a timely blood donation offered by you saves a priceless life. So head to the nearest lab and get your blood group tested if you are not aware of it by now.
  2. Knowing basic cooking skills. Don’t take your feet back by the failure of being criticized. Flaunt the what-the-hell attitude and surprise your family. It would also help you in exploring a whole new realm of self-discovery. A shabbily done sandwich might not appear appealing to the eyes, but it holds energy reservoirs to keep you going. And a coffee is a coffee; it tastes awesome even when the amateurs try their hands in.
  3. Knowing to manage money. Being spendthrift might bring you an acute kick, but to survive in the jungle, you need to know the importance of planning with your financial matters. It happens so often that we underestimate the power of money and look lost in rainy days. Don’t get stupefied by the shine of the nickel in your pocket, treat it wisely. Make budgets. Invest intellectually.
  4. Knowing first-aid & CPR. You never know when would you be in a position to save a life; in a crowded park, in a busy cafeteria, while crossing the road or while kneeling down in a temple. Heart attacks can occur anywhere; accidents can occur anywhere. Even government in India is encouragingly carrying out lessons in basic life support at a good scale. You don’t have to be a medical or paramedical professional to understand this. Just a knack for serving social responsibility is all it takes. A lost life is disastrous; stand up and pledge to bring about a change.
  5. Knowing to play with kids. Children have an altogether different time zone; a different world indeed. They spread eleemosynary happiness wherever they step in. Borrow some positivity and innocence from them and shed away those burdensome worries that plague you every now and then. Don’t let you mental muscles fall prey to ageing; it’s best to be as giving as a kid.
  6. Knowing to operate a computer. Obviously this is out of bounds for the underprivileged population; they are busy toiling hard to make their ends meet. But for the people who can afford, a computer is worth an investment. The future would be relying heavily on technologies that are driven by computers; so its but natural for you to keep abreast. Google a lot. Read a lot. Learn new things.
  7. Knowing to maintain cleanliness. Untidy spaces clutter your minds as well. Many of us procrastinate tidying up our rooms and homes thinking about the efforts involved. But as you start practicing it, you would find it is one of the most productive exercises ever done. We should not put ourselves in  contaminated envelopes; for in the expedition of purity, cleanliness matters.
  8. Knowing the basics of exercising. Most of us won’t think twice before paying up the fee for a health club; it’s the motivation that starts wavering after initial sessions. Exercising is vital. No matter if you are on the wrong side of forty or on the right side, if you don’t optimize your physical activities, you are lessening your chances of attaining the pinnacle of fitness.
  9. Knowing the art of listening to others. Random acts of kindness often come when you start listening to people. The more you listen, the more you understand. Blabbering, even when the other person is on a different perspective altogether, would just fatigue your vocal cords and increase the void in your inner-self. Be patient. Be reasonable. Be kind. Lend your ears.
  10. Knowing to express love and care. Be warm, tender, thoughtful and affectionate. As a doctor, I hold my patients’ hands to let them know that I am there for you. It’s important to share love. What else is the fuel of life, if not love? Love has the power to over rule the greatest odds. A loving soul is the axle of a content life. Love is the only juggernaut of this celestial sphere.

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