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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

RML Hospital, My Alma Mater

During my stint at my Alma Mater, Dr R M L Hospital, New Delhi, I used to start seeing my admitted patients and in spite of starting my ward rounds early, these used to extend till early afternoon. This exercise used to be followed by surgeries in Operation Theatre; those were the days when RML Hospital was known as Willington Hospital. The patient load at Dr R M L Hospital used to be colossal, and we had to work really hard taking care of all the patients in our unit. Once our unit chief went for a vacation and could not join on time due to his own reasons. In those days, I and one of my very able colleagues, managed the unit on our own. Those were such good days; work used to be the only passion.

The entire hospital staff was like an extended family. When we used to perform some good case, we used to celebrate with the nurses and other medical staff by arranging fast food. I made some real good relations with staff nurses out there; and even to this day they visit me on Raksha Bandhan to tie the sacred rakhi on my wrist. The days were never dull; there was a chutzpah in every moment. There was so much to learn from life, which was pacing at an aggressive momentum to load us with the fundamental values of this profession. As time passed by, I became quite popular in Dr R M L Hospital and on rare days when I used to be a bit late, I was missed by my colleagues and seniors during those absent minutes.

Those days were so lustrous, so spirited that memories of those days still lie lily-fresh in my mind. Those days made me the self-willed and headstrong individual that I am this day; I have never allowed a day to bygone without really putting its events into the machinery of my brain for an in-depth analysis. To think is what I love the most; thoughts are my constant companions and I can never be left alone in this world.

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