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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Glory, uninterrupted.

Let your triumphs define you. There are two broad types of triumphs, or rather two kinds of ability displayed in the achievement of triumph by us. There is, first, the success either in big packages or small packages which comes to the man who has in him the innate power to do what few other can match; and what no amount of training, no determination or will power, will enable any run of the mill man to do unless the urge is pure and unyielding. The quality which the man possesses may be that which enables him to run a fifty yards in six and three-fourth seconds, or to play twenty separate games of chess at the same time blindfolded. No amount of training of body or mind would enable any good ordinary man to perform any one of these accomplishments.

This is the most outstanding and distinguishing kind of success and it can be attained only by the man who has in him the quality which separates him in kind no less than in degree from his fellows. But much the commoner type of success in every walk of life, in small moments and in small packages. This kind of success is open to a voux populi, if only they seriously determine to achieve it. It is the kind of success which is open to the average man of sound body, intact insight and fair mind, who has no remarkable mental or physical attributes, but who gets just as much as possible in the way of work out of the aptitudes that he does possess. As it is said popularly ‘every man must skin his own skunk’, we are the designers & the architects of our successes. 

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