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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sweat is, at times, pricier than blood

Certain things in life are not cultivated; they either exist or they don’t. I feel my penchant to become a Surgeon had been an ordeal of my ultimate destiny, and I carried this as a part of my Kismet. I suffered my own share of ups and downs in the pebbly ride of my professional voyage; yes, I used to feel less jinxed during the gall-filled moments that could have overpowered someone with fewer proclivities to accomplish a defined aim. No one is blessed the Godspeed just like that; one has to earn every pie of it.

Since my early college days, I had always been so excited to see myself as a Surgeon that I used to work very hard to have a firm grasp of my subjects. Had I not been innately motivated to wear the white coat one fine day, chances are ripe that a stumble upon could have sucked on my energies and I would have either not succeeded in my profession, or would have changed my profession altogether. I had a pretty normal college life. I also used to feel bogged down at times by the work burden , but then the next moment, when I started to realize that these are the stepping stones of me being ushered into the league of Surgeons, all the associated uncertainties and boredom used to thwart away.

Sweat is, at times, pricier than blood; I have always given it my one hundred percent whenever something required hard work and dedication in my professional realms; yes, there had been this driving force that I had to be the best, and it worked most of the times. The ‘hurry-hurry’ person eats goat; the one who takes his or her time eats beef. Even to this day, I don’t consider myself to be a veteran; every day is a day to learn something new, and that is precisely the beauty of a mind captivated by surgical sciences.

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