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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Don’t be a fish

Resist the bait, or you will be caught. Little fish swimming in underwater have no realization of the possible danger that a little piece of succulent bait imposes. They jump to get a hold of the bait and get caught in the web of death. You have to be intuitively strong to survive in the dog eats dog world.

Most of the vices come in the coating of magnet. They seem alluring enough to place your soul in a combat with your mind. The winner dictates the terms throughout life; the consequences are big enough to be turned a blind eye. Fish is attracted to bait as it is innocuously naïve in the pedigree of thinking organisms and bears the brunt massively. We have a plethora of examples in our surroundings that guide us the ideal way to live a life. A tree teaches us to believe in our foundation and remain unflustered amidst the greatest storms. Climates teach us the lesson of versatility. Flowing rivers emulate the never ending spirit and challenge the existence of strongest of stones. Flowers edify us to remain pleasant even when trapped in a barbed situation. Flowers are happy for no reason; and this makes them exemplary. Sky teaches us to assimilate the existence of vastness in our inner self. The sun teaches us punctuality and to greet our fellows as it hails the glorious mountains and grey clouds with no prejudice.

Whenever the perplexity of life threatens to benumb your brain, seek relief in the lap of Mother Nature; it’s very pleasant to hear the musical chirp of a swarm of little birds wailing to the orange dawn. Resist the desires; they have a loathsome habit of betraying their bearers. We let the tentacles of desires strangulate the tender neck of our soul and what do we get in return? Take out some time and see a toddler engaged in playful liveliness and you will understand the negative consequences of desires and vices. Be a child once again.

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