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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Insane Spirit Of Divine Saturnalia

Colors are insane. Colors are innocuous. Colors are divine. Colors embody gaiety and glee.

Colors are pleasant and they have the power to change someone’s appearance by a mere contact. Colors are commanding. The yells fill the hollow of the air, temporary rainbows flood the sights, acquired delirium dominates. A handful of colored dust sprinkled over an innocent cheek is a vista to cherish.

Celebration is similar to worshipping. The former is to adore self and the latter is to appreciate other. The souls turn maniacal and the faces turn buffoon when Holi arrives. Indians are known to lead a struggling life and Holi gives us a moist embrace in the scorching heat of daily life. It soaks our souls, we turn kids again. People jolt with joy, dance with frenzy, tease with naughtiness and water bodies turn color pools.

A vivid assortment of colors. Everywhere. The atmosphere turns easy on the ear, melodies arise and dictate, mass hysteria occurs and people make merry like there is no tomorrow.

The senses are numb and the spirits are high, it’s the arrival of Holi with a kick. The cologne is authoritative, the ecstasy is unstoppable with the colors flowing and glowing.

Let the hoopla buzz till there is no tomorrow. Hello Supermoon, are you listening?

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