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Monday, March 21, 2011

My Supply Of Red-Bull

I love to do the activities that I have enlisted below after a lot of mind-work.

1) Performing surgeries. Nothing can match the thrill & satisfaction that I derive from performing surgeries. The moment I see an OT (Operation Theatre), my catecholamines go berserk.

2) Kneeling down to Lord Krishna in awe-inspiring admiration. I visit Vrindavan every week and on exceptions, I make it a point to visit a Lord Krishna shrine in the vicinity. The poised trance effuses a lot of canalized energy, which is the ignition fuel of my soul’s journey in the ordinary lanes of life.

3) To listen to songs. I love to feel the melodies and it really relaxes a lot. My all time favorite being, ‘Raah mein unse mulakat ho gayi’ from Vijaypath (A Bollywood Film)

4) To call my friends and have a light time together. I am sure few things can beat the thrill of meeting old folks and have a dream time together.

5) Watching old photographs and taking a stroll in the orbit of preserved memories. I am sure all of us love to do this.

6) Learning new internet and web related applications. I know the difference between Blogger and Tumblr. Want more?

7) Watching a film or a cricket match (whatever is readily available)

8) Cooking a dish. It’s in my blood. My father had a florid flair for cooking and I got the dominant genes.

9) Checking facebook updates of my folks. Who dislikes facebook anyways? (And if anyone dislikes, who cares for him anyways?)

10) Organizing myself and my work place. This is something which comes in high priority (though has been mentioned at the bottom of the list); I believe organizing helps you in discovering the facets of your life and yourself that you were unaware of. It’s like finding your occult power and feeling its potential impact. Its like kinetic meditation.

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