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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Will this ever happen?

When humans would interact with birds, animals and plants freely.

When we would just require supply of light to get energy. No forced necessity of meals or water.

When currency would be an outdated reality & every luxury of life would be equally available to every living organism without any costs.

When inter-planetary travel would be a norm.

When there would be no diseases in the world. Genetic assortment would be possible to tackle for every illness even before birth. And this would be as easy as operating Microsoft Word.

When weathers would be customizable.

When we would have a defined control over our subconscious.

When the break of dawn & dusk would be at the mercy of a remote control, one for every individual.

When we could turn the environment into a 6-D reality by mere thought.

When we could absorb all the required knowledge by attaching a pen drive and pasting the data in our body’s hard disc. This will render the concept of IQ archaic.

When the birth and death would no longer be the masters, but the slaves.

When the intensity of smiles would be measurable.

When anything fake would no longer exist.

When souls will talk to each other, anytime.

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