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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

10 gospels to make you stronger.

You can’t change the past. It’s sad, but true. No one has got the authority to meddle with the demsne of past; you can learn some of the hardest lessons of life by actively exploring the past.

A tomorrow is not the certainty. Who know when the world ends? Skeptics fuel to the circulating theories that aim to affix a date for the apocalypse; no one knows the programming basics of this celestial interface. And who can be certain to see the light of the other day? Live in the glory of today, and reap the best out of it.

Death is the only reality. Even a doubting Thomas won’t question the credibility of this fact.

Failure is a part of life. Don’t take a failure rather too personally. Everyone fails; and those who try the most, fail the most. A failure is the stepping stone to the acme of success; no one gets overnight triumphs.

What lies in front of your eyes may not be the truth. The world is complex, and a lot of information lies in the perspective of the observer. Your sensory system may not appreciate the truths that your programmed system is not familiar with. You would only observe the facts, people, emotions and incidences that fall in the habitual territory of your limited mental sphere.

People are, and will be, multicolored. Nature comes with a precise set of opposites. For every ray of lustrous light, there lies a blob of engulfing darkness. So no matter how hard you try the other way around, you would come across hypocrites, liars, conspirers and lechers. You must know how to hitch horses together.

You can be your biggest source of happiness. We tend to oversee the possibilities that lie within us, and wander elsewhere in pursuit of happiness. From soda to hock, you would remain your biggest reservoir of energy, inspiration and happiness. Seek the true you, and feel the elation.

By doing the same thing every day, you are negating your chances of self-growth. You are blessed with a super-charged up sensory system, meticulous motor system and all-encompassing autonomic system. This means a sea of possibilities lie in your existence. It would be impertinent not trying new things; life is a cherry pie for an eager beaver.

Information is the nearest entity to knowledge. Information is not the true knowledge in every case; the real knowledge comes from experience. In a lot of the cases the information would provide a good degree of knowledge, but then you never know what lies beneath without hunting it yourself.

Your actions are reflected back at you. Be a Good Samaritan and enjoy the ride of life with an incandescent insight; be mean to others and you will be dead meat one day. Life keeps a record book of its children, and yes, life never holds a due.

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