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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

10 things to stop doing to yourself.

(1) Stop spending time with the people that are dishonest and bear double-standards. A leopard can’t change his spots; you better change your trajectory.

(2) Stop worrying way too much. Not just it would stud your face with premature wrinkles; it would also misbalance your body’s metabolism.

(3) Stop keeping yourself under self-imposed radar all the times. You have all the rights to fly freely.

(4) Stop judging everyone way too early, and too harshly. Be lenient. Allow generous benefits of doubt. People may behave bluntly as they are often too preoccupied with their problems.

(5) Stop living the alter-ego’s life. You suit best when you fit in the shoes of your own life; its OK to emulate someone you cherish, but then you have to draw the differentiating line somewhere in between.

(6) Stop harming yourself. Kick the butt. Don’t do drugs. Bravery induced by heavy drinking is a mirage. Exercise. Don’t overeat. Don’t overstress. Stay happy.

(7) Stop keeping grudges. Forgiveness can bless you with some of the most cherished relationships in the years to come. Everyone makes mistakes; its best to shoot the breeze and bury the hatchets.

(8) Stop being the Perfectionist Personified. Mistakes have their own charm; and everyone has a distinct learning curve. Sydney or the bush phenomenon is unpractical; things lie somewhere in between.

(9) Stop neglecting the beautiful moments. Stand beneath the lamp post in twilight and see the golden shoots of grass swaying insanely. Get flown in high tide as if you defy the gravity. Talk with the moon. Smell a fresh daisy flower.

(10) Stop expecting too much from others. Give the people their elbow rooms. Burdens of expectations have full potential of hijacking the pleasures from a relationship. Accept your folks in their own face values. Stop being a cynic critic.

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