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Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Rants of Plants. Who Cares?

It’s official now. Plants can talk. Plants can not only communicate amongst themselves, there are significant reasons to fuel the theory that they sense, feel and react also. Researchers at Exeter University, Britain recently concluded this when they plucked the leaves of cabbage plants and monitored their biochemical reactions and its effect on nearby plants. The monitoring was done by means of highly enhanced video cameras and the recording clearly hints that plants talk to each other in some complex, probably inaudible, language that the humans know nothing of as yet.

Period. So shall we portray more compassion when screaming near plants or trees? How many of us would be able to withstand the news of a sturdy, young tree being chopped down to pieces by emotionally-deprived evolved species of Mother Nature, the human? How many of us would pay heed to get a close eye to our plants’ demands, said and unsaid? What governs the world of trees and plants? Do they also have souls? By logic, they must be having one; just think how incapacitated that soul would be – it’s not easy to be lying there, standing still and experiencing every extreme, without being able to do anything.

Can plants just experience and communicate or there are more realities yet to be uncovered? Plants are laced with a rich assortment of emotions, as experiments have revealed that plants tended to raise alarm to their nearby shrubs when exposed to an imminent danger. So do plants also discriminate when thinking about others, like their human counterparts? I am so mightily flummoxed by the array of possibilities that exist in this nature; what is true to the eyes can be so vehemently false to the soul. What is the purpose of a plant’s life but to act as slaves for the majority of living organisms?

If one day someone discovers that plants cry, how would you feel? As for me, I would feel drowned; even the touch of the feeling has started making me uncomfortable. And its because if they are able to shed tears, I am sure humans and animals incessantly give them all the reasons to cry, all the times.

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