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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

This is important stuff if you are a parent.

A honey-coated intimate talk would always perform better than the harsh scolding.

Inspire them to come out of your shadow, and to create a niche.

Don’t encourage superstitions.

Often an engaging dinner-table conversation provides more calories to the mind than the luxuriant supper; make your child feel loved, and protected.

When your kid is watching some film that requires parental guidance; behave like a parent.

Watch the tendencies of your kids. They bring about a lot of habits, a lot of personality attributes from their past lives; by being a blatant critic you would diminish the chances of pulchritude in your kid’s life. Observe, learn, think, and then react.

Believe in the saying that Mother Nature is the biggest teacher. Organize field-visits and outdoor camps.

Don’t make your child realize that he is meant to top all the subjects. As a parent you are required to lessen the pressure that he is already bestowed with.

Inculcate the power of reasoning in your child. It would help him to combat a lot of problems that eventually seep in the life as adolescence knocks.

Make them aware of the simple, yet so fundamentally essential, financial planning. We often neglect this aspect while raising our kids, only to witness them turning into overspending adolescents with no realization of what the money is all about. Tell them the importance of having a plan in hand. Don’t really depend on your kid’s education system for this; in my opinion, this is your call to make your kid prepare well for the matters involving money.

As a parent, it’s your sacred duty to infuse the essence of sex education in your child. The world is full of satanic perverts; it lies in your dominion to keep your child safe, and feel good in the glory of the world.

Science has proved that junk food lowers immunity. Think about this. Less immunity may also mean that many immunizations won’t work properly, though researches are on to substantiate this theory.

Be a role model. Wake up early. Go for the morning walk. Eat healthy. Think clearly. Practice charity. Love your elders and be responsible to them. Share quality time with your kids. Never use swear words in front of your kids (or for that matter when away from the sight of your kids). Give your bit in household works. Remain organized. Love a lot.

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