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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love is in the air.

Love is the unmitigated joy. Love is beyond controls, and beyond imaginations. Love is the amulet that holds the power to transform lives. Love is the aperture to divinity. Love seeks no explanation. Love is the frontier of redemption. Love is the stellar force that makes a person God-like. Love is the basis of so many creations and so many fundamental truths, religion being one of them.

Love is ageless, and timeless. Love is the magical balm that allays all the co-existential sufferings. Love gives you the power to accomplish what others can not even dream of. Love reinforces the reason of your space odyssey. Love is boundless, and limitless. Love is the brush of fortunes amidst the shredded canvas of life. Love is the loaf of soul.

Don’t oppress love. Support it, display it, and practice it. When you fall in love, you rise in life. Love is the most selfless feeling that one can ever come across. Love needs no instructions. Love is the cardinal code of life so close to us yet so elusive at times. Love as if there is no fear; love as if there is no boundary. Bestow love to all the persons that walk in your sphere of life, and make them understand the real meaning of life.

Love is everywhere. You need to adjust your mental settings to be able to find the presence of love; here, there and everywhere. You need to be more grasping, more free-thinking and less judgmental. Love is the bohemian emotion that Mother Nature empowered us with. Think about love and all you are left with is a stellar feeling of nothingness. Love abolishes uncertainties. Love propels life.

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