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Friday, February 11, 2011

End of turbulence

What appears a shell to the naked eyes can be visualized as a cosmic congregartion of indefinite particles by the knowing souls. We, ordinary humans, tend to see the things in their entirety thus overlooking or missing the finer details. Our minds are processed in this way that we associated ourselves with objects, rather than appreciating the minutest structure responsible for its creation. As its hypothesized (and proved as well) that mass is nothing but a package of energy particles, so what we see is what we are processed to see, thus overlooking the structures responsible for the overall appearance and character. That happens in real life as well, always. Our minds are preoccupied with gross thoughts and we most often deduce our assumptions which are not correct when visualized in the finest details. The gross and appreciable change can be brought in a structure by working out on its finest constituents.

The assumption that mind and body work on certain principles which can be deduced and explained by scientific studies thrills most of us. All of the contemporary physics rests on two foundations. One is Albert Einstein's general relativity theory, which portrays the world on the largest of scales—stars, galaxies and the vastness of the universe itself. The other is quantum mechanics, which portrays the world on the smallest of scales—molecules, atoms, nuclei and quarks. Both these streams have an army of intrepid followers. The truth lies in the eye of the beholder, and we should render our thought process to understand and respect the big picture and the smallest details in it. True bliss lies in knowing self and the reason for the same. The natural forces tend to practice symmetry in their existence and hence are everlasting and tranquil. A problem arises when symmetry is withdrawn, may it be any calamity. I am of the belief that if we tend to minimize the friction between forces that comprise us and regulate our aura and environment, we can achieve solace of highest degree. There is no quick-fix approach; you got to understand the fact that mass is a derivative of light and light is ordered energy. So the disorders that we witness in our lives can be corrected if we take away the negativity, worry, fear, anxiety as these tend to cause disharmony in the natural symmetrical energy fields of our bodies and mind. End of turbulence would occur if we focus our poised selflessness to the causes and derive pleasure in witnessing the change that epitomize the true message of nature; its important to be in order.

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