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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Be guided by Intuitions

I wish there could have a mind-mapping system based on the power of intuitions. We have GPS systems to enable our physical trajectories enriched and informed; what sea changes in our lives can occur if we are able to weigh the relevance of intuitions, in isolation or in combination?

GPS System is based on previous recordings, the relevant data and the authentic information about a place’s whereabouts and reach. Can our intuitions also lead us somewhere, if given a scientific thin-slicing? Intuitions are not the progenies of left-over thoughts; I believe enough scientific and spiritual work is needed to prove the real motive and significance of intuitions.

It’s not in the jolts of psychoneurotic trance that one comes across truthful intuitions; we witness their close brush with reality in broad day light, every now and then. The question is who is allowed to witness what measure of intuitional accuracy? Do you rough away the facts by rendering them premonitions or a portion of your nervous system feels an affinity to dwell a little deep within?

What is the etiology of intuitions? What are the pathways of intuitions? What are the fundamental reasons for origin of intuitions? What drives intuitions? Period!! What is an intuition? Does it hold some link between our past lives and present life? Does it hold some clue to the development of our super-sensory system? 

You catch sleep or the sleep catches you?

You close your eyes and squeeze your thinking neurons a bit; the happenings of the day flash like a blinding fluorescent chain of lights. The sequences start blending with one another so perfectly that the intervening lines get voided, with no realization of the same. The period of wakefulness had fatigued enough to be wanting to rest in coffin; the coffin of shredded hopes, rummaged beliefs and crushed spirit. You gradually direct your optical focus to the liquid crystal display of your television set and the pixels start turning into howling circles of peppy colors.

The night is so unpredictably exaggerated; it has an ocean of subtle emotions waiting to be touched and aroused. That is one of the very important reasons why we have programmed ourselves to go into a numb state of mind as soon as the black blanket covers the Mother Nature. The darkness is asphyxiating for its obvious appearance and freeing for its occult power. The equations seem weirdly unsolvable because they are not seen with the relevant perspective; problem doesn't lie in the mystifying nature of the equations that waft from the night, problems lie in the unenlightened states of mind that lack the knowledge, courage and insight to address the equations properly and solve them altogether.

Finally the ultimate happens. The centers of wakefulness in your brain are forced to experience a temporary death and you sulk in your bed with limp limbs. They say this programming is to get your body the required invigoration; I feel it has more to it than what we fathom by our gullible eyes. The sleep is the order of the nature; an order of the magnitude that it can cost you a life if you don't fall in the line of abiding slaves. Have you ever realized that the night shields a lot of conspiracies of nature from us by making us attain a forced hypnotic state? 

Its important to follow medical ethics

In the health care milieu, all the medical professionals are supposed to follow a certain set of ethics to be able to render their duties without any bias; however, in the present context, I seldom come across cases which can blatantly be termed as breach of the same. It disturbs me to realize that most of these cases go unnoticed, leaving the general public at lurch.

Late night commercials about medical products that claim to work better than the standard options of medical sciences evoke a lot of interest in general public. I fail to understand how a mixture, which is supposed to be applied topically, can bring about changes in the mal-aligned bones, ligaments and tissues; and this is what is portrayed every night over prominent channels by various animations and grand talks. Do you think putting a disclaimer for less than 5 seconds prior to the start of program can help the viewer come to an enlightened choice?

We get to see a lot of dubious medical claims in newspapers everyday, ranging from solutions to achieve incredible increase in height to permanent solutions for a range of seemingly notorious medical ailments. We see a lot of doctors, belonging to an array of diverse health care systems, practicing allopathy; medical ethics involve all the streams of health care sciences – why shouldn’t we simply introspect and follow the right path?

A small hole near the bottom of the ship can derelict its survival in the sea; our healthcare system is witnessing a farrago of such holes. Healthcare system is based on mutual trust and display of ethics without fail; and I believe that by not contributing actively to curb the menace, we are betraying the common people. It’s time to keep aside the sympathy nerve and listen to the call of the soul.

List of 10 things I love to do online

  1. I recently came across a site; this site has a vast amount of books to read. I find it great to manage sometime to read other people’s mind; and the collection of quotes in this site is just awesome.
  2. I seldom browse through Blogger’s blogs of note to get a peek into people’s creativity and indulgence in various aspects of life.
  3. I seldom check the top trends in twitter (for the day) and click on the term that interests me to find out all the related opinions, comments and facts about the same.
  4. I have fine tuned myself for using dropbox this year; and I found it a great way to keep my data stored (and shared, when I want) in a safe way.
  5. I love to spur my mind by having a peek at the slideshow of the highest rated photos on flickr for past 1 week.
  6. I love to send my colleagues e-cards. I have been using 123greetings for this ad infinitum.
  7. I frequently surf scribd to find out ancient medical books and literature that is hard to find in paper prints these days. There are many such sites but I have found this one to be the best.
  8. I frequently subscribe to the rss list of noteworthy medical journals and sites so that I get my daily dose in the inbox.
  9. I love to check for the latest surgical techniques by absorbing the videos in youtube.
  10. Facebook. The love of our lives. The affair continues, though the sheen has started to fade a bit.

7 steps to live a beautiful life

  1. You are being given ample of freedom to choose. You can choose between a good habit and a bad habit. Helping others is a good habit; prayer is a good habit.
  2. The only real impediment to your own success and path to glory is your own string of negative thoughts. Realize it sooner to overcome it.
  3. You form habit patterns in your subconscious by repeating an act or a thought every time, under a specific stimulus, over a long period. In the beginning you define your habits, and later on your habits define you.
  4. Others’ statements can’t hurt you directly. To hurt you, they must travel the channels of your own thoughts and mind maps. No one can hurt you without your conscious or subconscious will.
  5. You must know how to discipline the mind. An undisciplined mind can feed the subconscious in an undesirable way. Hang loose; and look before you leap.
  6. The power of imagination separates us from the rest of the breathing species. If this is the decisive power, then we must use it to get evolved further.
  7. Handle fear with faith. Ring the knell of negative thoughts.

Watch before you eat

Scientific studies are coming up with unbelievable results. Intake of trans-fatty acids is now studied to be linked with increased incidences of aggressive behavior, impatience and irritability. Contrarily, omega 3 fatty acids are known to induce a state of agreeability and placidity. The moment I read this report, I thought to discuss the scope of this report with my colleagues so that we may improve the standards of dietary instructions to be given to the patients. The report had been alarming in coming to a conclusion that a diet containing excess trans fatty acids can cause harsh mental discordance including severe depression and at times, suicidal instincts.

I think, we, behave erratically when it comes to diet. At some spectrums, we tend to over limit us and at others, we tend to be extremely lenient. I come across parents who keep a strict watch over their kids’ diet, and this is not always healthy for the kids. I recently got a couple counseled as their child had been suffering with deficiency of some of the vital nutrients just because of too much interference with the normal way of dietary intake that a child should be allowed to indulge in.

A lot of patients make it a habit to self-prescribe multivitamin pills and keep on using them for years; I don’t bolster this practice at all. We must aim to keep our nutritional and physiological status in equilibrium so that there is minimal need of any supplements; a healthy state of body and mind would help you doing well with just the use of natural resources. Bulimia nervosa used to be a condition typically found in young girls; a thing of past I must say. I frequently come across patients, which range from being the amateurish adolescents to middle aged men to senior citizens, who practice to throw out after indulging in some high calorie meals. The trend, I believe, is just the tip of the iceberg. 

10 things to stop tolerating

  1. People who conspire to bring you down: Try your level best to bring the best out of people; however, remember that relationships are supposed to help you, not hurt you.  Spend time with nice people who are levelheaded, driven by ethics and like minded.
  2. A work environment that you don’t appreciate: A major part of your life would be spent at your workplace; choose efficiently. Don’t settle on the first or second career choice you dabble in; you’re your searching engines roaring to help you obtain the best.  If you find your work environment asphyxiating, its time to call quits.
  3. The negative spaces of your mind: Be aware of the negative echoes that emanate from your mind.  Know when to put a kibosh on.  Don’t keep in company with negative thoughts for the chances of you getting adversely affected would run high.
  4. A cluttered living space: Seek the arrangements and orders; the nature is full of discipline and systems.  Get rid of stuff you don’t use. Make it a habit to clean your work space before switching on the screen.
  5. Being repetitive: Explore facets of life. Do things differently. Learn new skills. The more you experience, the more rewarding your life story gets.
  6. Dishonesty: Honesty is an act of faith, and faith has no substitute. Cultivate above par standards.  Don’t be dishonest to any body and don’t put up with people who are. An honest failure is better than a corrupt win.
  7. Stress to fit in with the herd:  You are born different. You are burdened with mammoth expectations; and you can possibly do more harm to you by adding your own expectations from yourself. Live freely. Know your uniqueness. Cultivate it. Bask in its glory.  Don’t kowtow.  Be you, because that’s the only person you can be.
  8. Fear of change: Nature’s ordeals are difficult to understand; the only constant of nature is change. Life is an assemblage of various changes.  Every day is a different leaf in the book of life.  Embrace it and shine brilliantly.
  9. All work and no play: Take out some time to thwart off work related worries. Have a ball. If you’re smiling, you’re doing something right. Playing means doing something that you love to get indulged in; getting relaxed is important.
  10. Inadequate preparedness: Life can take unpleasant turns at times; preparedness holds the key. Don’t pass your sell-by date.

In love with the afternoon

What can be a better delight than stealing a subtle snooze after succulent lunch, or to watch the catapulting crowd from the glass pane of your sky scraper? To listen to frenzied fracas of your kids on phone, to await the pleasant knock of evening with luscious, foamy coffee amidst a disorganized whirl of chirps, to plan for the arcane of approaching activities for the day ahead are all such joyous activities that happen in the afternoon. The mass of afternoon’s energy particles fill the vacuum of our lives and give us some tame time to replenish our minds with the scuttled supply of freshly secreted neurotransmitters.

Post pubertal phase of the day, afternoon, is like middle age of our lives. It is passed with little realization of its presence and we seldom halt our hollering steps to appreciate the effervescent efficacy of afternoon. With the superfluous streamlet of fresh morning before it and the sulky shadows of nubile night after it, the afternoon is mostly shorn of its existential importance. But I love to soak myself in the rapture of immeasurable perspectives that aftermath of morning provides. Afternoon evokes the creativity-czar in your somnolent mind; you take energy from the sun and you propel the energy particles (that coalesce to take the shape and identity of a thought; 60,000 of them arise from the mind everyday) from your mind to affect the things around you. You become the creator in the glory of orange rays. Afternoon is guiltless, glorious and comes with a copious aura of being invulnerable.

The afternoons provide us a much needed buffer from the pulsating mornings full of fuss and frills and from the esoteric establishment of mystifying nights. It’s so pleasant to appreciate the slow pace of clock pendulums, to feel the tender tentacles of easy-flowing breeze, to organize the disordered cords of dust-worn guitar, to cuddle up with the cushy soft toy you were gifted by your spouse, to sip the fizzy lemonade and let your taste buds bathe in ecstasy. The afternoons are big-hearted and breathtakingly sensuous, provided you make some attempt to swirl your soul from the accustomed attachments with mornings and nights.

Celebrate the chaos

Chaos is lunatic. Chaos is castaway. Chaos is calamitous. Chaos leaves you prostrate and portentous. Chaos is conundrum. Chaos is nauseatingly repulsive. Chaos is a farrago of unrestrained, undesired and unbalanced happenings.

So many bats in the belfry and you look aghast; make merry, for you have a chance to witness the will of the energy particles if you are enlightened enough to observe diametrically. The ordinary souls would make a faux pas in the vicinity of uncontrollable chaos; the eccentric and erudite souls would learn the nature's modus operandi in every little happening that has a complex crux. Nature loves its progeny and every atom is destined to travel a trajectory for a cause. Chaos wraps the covert, final motive with a curtain of disillusionment.

The appreciation of chaos in the adversarial light lies in the cankerous creaks of cerebral sulci; we have programmed our gap junctions to label any stimulus as an awful occurrence if it is not too obviously a pleasant one. Chaos is acerbic for the incognizant; chaos is the magic potion for the souls willing to experience transcendence.

Chaos is the corner-stone of codification. Chaos incarnates occult equilibrium. Give a tender embrace to the chaos; for in its disorderly lanes your neurons may get a chance to cruise a new trajectory and fathom the relevancy of life.

Chaos epitomizes freedom. Chaos is something closest to death. Chaos is something closest to life. The legend of chaos lies in its stupefying and orderly power, programmed to give birth to ecstatic equilibrium.

Welcome the chaos; in the confusing canals of chaos lie the kernel of life, waiting to be discovered.

Quit smoking; embrace life

We are creatures of our habits and our habits bear a potential to modify our genetic arrays. Smoking has been one of the primordial sins that the mankind has fallen prey to; and with the advancements of medical technologies, we hold better realizations about the mal-effects that smoking causes to our bodies. Most of us start smoking in an attempt to announce our arrival to the big world; the habit follows a socially infectious pattern. By the time most of us realize that the habit has started taking a toll over their health, the psychological dependence is so much that enough courage for thinking to put a kibosh on the dreaded habit is difficult to gather.

If you are able to see what happens to your lungs when you inhale that powerful puff, you would be drawn to some deep thinking. For the want of an ephemeral stimulation, why would you prefer roasting your sensitive lung tissues? And even the children know that smoking can cause cancer; spare a thought to peep in the mindset of a person who had just been diagnosed to be suffering with cancer. You might understand the burden of crime that you may be doing to your family, to your kids, to yourself.

Within 2 days of kicking the butt, your nerve endings would begin to re-grow; within 3 days your body systems would be nicotine free completely and within 3 months your chances of suffering a heart attack (secondary to ill effects of smoking) would curtail drastically. It all lies in the power of mind; you might think that you need to get that gush of smoke in your trachea every hour to be able to concentrate – that is purely your own assertion. The science doesn’t approve any such notion. A pure body and a clean mind is something that the nature bestowed us with. Don’t opt to degrade yourself. Come clean on the challenges of life; show your strength. Win the war in your mind and the process to follow would be a cake walk.

15 things to inspire people surrounding you

  1. Lead by example; the scarcity of actions makes grandiloquent words bite weed-infestated dust.
  2. Show that you care; no matter the step is little or grand, it would create a change.
  3. Motivate people to see a different perspective of the situation
  4. Always keep yourself levelheaded; even a sea-diver knows the importance of respecting the levels.
  5. Be value-centric. Invest in love; belief and hope.
  6. Remain focused while you speak. Reduce the fluff from your talk.
  7. Don’t judge people by their acts. Circumstances can make a ferocious lion go vegan.
  8. Take interest in people’s lives; they would love to be cared and thought about.
  9. Practice patience; what else is the essence of all those ‘how-to’ best-sellers?
  10. Don’t have an air of authority. Remain approachable.
  11. Be a superstar with kids.
  12. Listen to the unsaid gaps. Don’t be all hat and no cattle.
  13. Be courteous and respectful to elders.
  14. Treat everyone equally; we are all descendants of one lineage.
  15. Don’t expect people to follow your words.

10 amazing things happening right now

  1. Someone just escaped a fatal brush with that over speeding, snazzy SUV. A life is saved; and many lives are spared the apocalypse.
  2. Someone just donated blood for the first time.
  3. Someone surfed 57 pages of google search, and finally came across the information being sought.
  4. Someone spent a hundred thousand bucks shopping mindlessly; and someone barely managed to get hold of a ten rupee note to arrange his meals from.
  5. Someone just finished watching ‘The Book of Eli’
  6. Someone just purchased his/her first medical insurance.
  7. Someone just listened to the inner voice and decided to follow one’s own call.
  8. Someone just vacated a seat in the crowded bus for the fragile looking elderly woman.
  9. Someone just proposed her boyfriend, oblivious to the fact that he has just been taken by her best friend days ago.
  10. Someone prayed for a miracle, and it happened.

Dot the i’s and cross the t’s

We have been bestowed with great minds; the minds that are able to work relentlessly. Generally we tend to switch us on and off with respect to the activity of our minds. The moment we start doing our professional works, we tend to switch our minds on, to be able to work more productively; and the moment we sign off, we tend to feel relaxed. When we come across any problem in our personal spheres, we tend to galvanize our minds to be able to come up to a workable solution. We think a lot, but most of us don’t make thinking a continuous process; we just do it when it is a necessity.

I believe that we must think a lot. Thinking enables us to see beyond what is visible to the ordinary minds. Thinking gives us a slice of barely visible, but mighty possibilities that exist about a specific fact, situation or assumption. We must not run to attain a state when we can keep our minds less occupied with analytical pathways; thinking is important. Our minds work all the times, even when we are asleep. Our aim should be to channelize the workflow of our minds in a way that we are able to bring about discoveries and astute realizations about the life and its resources on a constant basis. Nothing should astonish us; we are not occupying this magical world just to eat, sleep and work; the bigger goal is to know the complexities of life – the biggest of simplicities seemingly appear to be labyrinthine to the unknowing minds. Its important to evolve more; and there is no better way than to use your mind to think and observe. 

Seek out the answers. Let the stimulus be the quest of life and your thoughts would lead you where the decoding begins.

10 tips to safeguard your healthcare practice

  1. Speak to your patients in the capacity that you are meant to. Ensure that treatment consent is taken from the patient after relevant interpretation of the same.
  2. When in doubt, involve colleagues to get the best opinions about a case
  3. Take steps to keep your hospital safe from ruckus-creating people. Install cameras at prominent places; hire a credible security agency, and infuse the spirit of organization in the hospital staff.
  4. Never underestimate the vitality of paperwork. When in doubt, write it down.
  5. Make provisions for keeping the records in soft copies as well; take regular data backup and ensure data protection.
  6. Assign a team of hospital staff for ensuring that all the machinery is being monitored periodically, by the experts.
  7. Arrange for mock drills with proper governmental permission.
  8. Make sure your staff knows how to handle the fire extinguisher, how to understand the medical emergency and how to perform Basic Life Support (this would help them creating a sea of change in the society)
  9. Never loose your coolth when speaking to an inebriated or foul-mouthing person; it has started happening so frequently these days that you must adapt to display your best side when trapped in such a situation
  10. Look out for the optimum quality while purchasing medical consumables, machinery or other health care related stuff. It would save you a lot of efficiency in the long run.

10 things I love at workplace

  1. Watching content face of a sleeping newborn with rosy lips, puffy cheeks and tiny fingers
  2. Being able to finish the ward rounds and OPD consultations on time
  3. Meeting a long-lost patient, and being able to share the old vibes instantaneously
  4. Diagnosing a rare disease with precision and creating a difference the patient’s life
  5. Keeping abreast with the advancements in milieu of health care specialties, and getting astonished by the myriad of possibilities we have been bestowed with
  6. Coming across a patient who follows my every advice verbatim and never fails to astonish me by display of unbelievable faith over me; such patients have always been the pillars of my preserved hope in the sanctity of this profession
  7. A patient, succumbed with an illness that holds notoriously grave prognosis, starts showing signs of recovery quite unexpectedly and gets completely fit in due course of time
  8. Some acquaintance places me a call to ask about my opinion in a case that has been treated by the best names in the industry
  9. Giving one of my underprivileged patients a reason to rejoice by refusing to charge for the professional services rendered
  10. Seeing someone getting switched from painful state to painless state; the comforts don’t just belong to the patient, I too get a pie.

My cup of tea

Tea is intricately woven into my daily routine which includes a lot of mental calisthenics. I am sure, as Indians, nothing really turns us calmer than the thought of a nicely brewed cup of tea; anything that goes on for pretty long durations starts affecting our lives from inside out, and tea holds no exception. I Have memories of my childhood days when we, the close-knit members of our family, used to gel over cups of tea, some snacks and abundant affection. Those foggy mornings of winters, those picturesque evenings of springs, those breezy nights of summers – all embraced us in the prevalent aroma of tea; the bonds got stronger and the joy associated with tea also grew manifolds.

I am basically a TEA person; give me any variant of tea and I would tell you about the secrets that have gone into preparing it. Some of my colleagues would prefer a cup of coffee with rich lather and richer aroma any given day, but a coffee is not my cup of tea. Everyone has affinities, the close callings; I need my daily supply of tea to be able to feel in sync with my systems. I don’t consider my self addicted to tea; it’s just that I am a tea-lover. The sight of monotony-breaker whirls settling in the cup, the anticipation of first slurp while bringing the edge of cup to your lips, the fragrance that can only be appreciated while you close your eyes – a cup of tea can make this world appear even more warm, stimulating and homely.