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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sans Souci of Childhood.

A person is in Dixie’s land before he turns a teenager; to be in clover is the motto of childhood. As a child, I treaded on enchanted grounds commanding the commotion every possible moment. I used to be a nimble-footed child and the studded blobs of mischief used to be my trademark. At every given or created opportunity, I used to excel in rodomontade; sometimes I used to follow rules, and at the other times rules used to follow me. I loved to win every time in every activity just like any other child.

I used to play merciless pranks on my friends and my teachers with equal gusto. I clearly remember putting an incensed fire-cracker beneath the wooden chair of my Sanskrit teacher as she just settled in; every punishment that later followed was worth the sight that we witnessed looking at her changing facial gestures as the fire-cracker exploded. It was fun; pure adolescent fun. Once I placed a small puppy, the progeny of a stray dog, in the table of my English teacher. As she opened the drawer, to her horrid disbelief, the canine came out crawling. She produced this ear-splitting scream and we, the kids, were in seventh heaven with sweltering joy. I enjoyed all the attention and felt like a star; the fact that I was the class monitor never made me deter from any of the prank-playing motives.

As I was the best scholar in my school, and was good at extra-curricular activities as well, the tag of class monitor came naturally to me. With every discordant deed that amounted to the saucy pranks played by me, requests were made to the school principal to dethrone me of my class monitor-ship by the affected souls; however, the second best student was way behind me so dethroning never actually happened. Alas, nothing can replicate those magical days of our lives; long live childhood.

Be in Elysium. Pack your bags.

Traveling is tantalizing. The crude joy of packing up your essentials and hitting the road with a broad grin on a sun-soaked morning has fewer matches. Some people revel at road-trips, other at planned vacations of snow-capped peaks. For me, the joy of unplanned voyage comes with biggest foudroyant. The primrose path of traveling is immune to comparisons; for some, it is therapeutic, and for others it is exploratory.

The sight of mud-coated sideways, the smell of pollens in the air, the sensation of having taken a new birth – traveling enriches your experience of life by studding it with much required indulgences. You travel to find new paths, to discover the places that have legends around them and to create some enriched infographics in the visual cortex of your brain. When you travel you seem to be the best choice for the practical illustration of theory of relativity, for time vapors away fast before you start appreciating the bubbles in your soul.

Traveling is the time tested turn-on for the hedonist. You get caught in a bundle of halcyon every time you come across a flock of sheep; you feel soaked in the divine titillation every time your gaze gets fixed on the sight of a solemn tree with ear-splitting twitter of birds. Traveling is such a teaser, with insane intensity. The hedonics of palmy days remains forever in the memory-centre of your brain; traveling comes with long-lasting effects. Give the primordial site of your personality a relish, fasten your boots and be a vagabond.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Winning hearts doesn’t require a degree.

Greet your fellow colleague with a beaming smile. Offer your listening ears when someone requires them the most.

Don’t criticize weather and/or food and/or ambience of that newly opened restaurant and/or social networking websites and/or deadlines and/or your country just for the heck of it. It doesn’t really make you smarter if you voice an opinion that is not really yours. Many times we listen to a fact so many times that we, mistakenly though, think it to be our own. We must exercise some mental gymnastics before formulating an opinion about anything trivial or significant.

Throw away surprises, pleasant ones.

Wish your folks and family their share of special days. Send flowers when someone close to you gets a promotion or when someone’s child excels in extracurricular activities. Obviously you can’t afford to forget birthdays and anniversaries; it would help if you send them hand written notes or greeting cards. Don’t leave the entire social relationship burden to facebook.

Give your children that much deserved tight hug, lavishly.
Praise the culinary skills of the person feeding your hunger.

Stand up for a cause, and make your voice count. Be the light that illumines paths of others. Be the torch-bearer.

Arrange group picnics. Arrange informative seminars in your vicinities. Arrange recreational classes in your neighborhood. Arrange medical camps for the elders and the poverty-stricken strata.

Pay for an underprivileged child’s education. Save electricity. Donate blood frequently.

Lessen the pollution. Make people realize about the ill effects of pollution by rendering practical examples. Drive with a sound head. Don’t go overboard when throwing a party. Reduce wastage of food.

Even if you picked up that unwanted sales call mistakenly when you were in the middle of your presentation, speak politely. Show your mettle. Refuse to behave standoffish.

Infuse morals in your kids. Playstations are OK, Tai-Chi is OK; but losing contact with the quintessence of our culture is not OK. Morals inculcate the strongest of cements in a child’s spine; help him get the strength.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

What is a Coincidence?

A coincidence is a planned motive by the occult natural forces. A coincidence is a clue. A coincidence is a brush with something important, with something that holds stellar importance to our oblivious eyes. A coincidence is meant to awaken our senses and to sharpen them relentlessly. A coincidence, strikingly notable in nature, comes with a massive motive; its up to your visionary vigilance, emotional enlightenment and spiritual strength how you perceive a coincidence.

Identify the hidden meaning of a coincidence before it’s too late. A coincidence is a planned bet on your intuitive capabilities by the supernatural. A coincidence comes with mammoth facets and aplenty possibilities. A coincidence is a channel of something bigger waiting to announce its existence. You can take the coincidence on its face value and let yourself be undeterred and untouched; you can take co incidence on its stalwartness and allow the spheres of your spiritual entity to swell.

A coincidence is a short-cut to a part of your destiny. A pair of remarkably eager eyes and a pair of cautious cerebral hemispheres can do wonders with a seemingly commonplace coincidence. A coincidence comes with a series of codes, waiting to be unlocked. Don’t let any of the coincidences, happening at frenzied pace in your life, go unnoticed. Invest your insight in them and see the secrets of the nature unfolding in front of your bare eyes. A coincidence is the clue to find the ‘x’ in the snarled-up equation of your life.

Pain is the Divine Ordeal.

Pain is a sensory emotion, a forced one. Reach out to its roots and discover the array of paradoxes. Pain embodies pangs of throes. Pain is a pitiless form of strained meditation. Pain is the progeny of many wombs. Pain seeks no permission. Pain is onerous. Pain is the mother of fear. Pain is a fake fluke but its ordeals are real. Pain is autocratic with no hint of laissez-faire.

Pain is ephemeral. Pain is a tribulation. Pain is the cellar of accomplishment. Pain exists for a reason, and the irony is that the moment you find the reason, the pain is gone. Don’t be a prey to odynophobia for pain is there for some purpose. Pain is perplexing. Pain is as selfless in its unrefined form as selfish it seems to your biased eyes. Pain is a prank. Pain is inducer of heartrending pessimism.

Pain provides aplenty observations; the choicest ones reflect you closely. Pain revels in the kingdom of tyranny; yet pain can be conquered by a mild maneuvering of a single thought. Pain is pretentious. Pain is programmed. Pain is perennial. Pain is the biggest illusion. Overcome pain to prove the might of your mental mechanics. Pain is prudent and pure, and its after-effects, callous. Pain is hair-raisingly macabre. Pain is the divine ordeal for you to take control of your mind and body.

Serve with a Verve.

We have been given lives to know ourselves, in astute details. We have been given lives to help others in knowing them. We have been given lives to make this world a better place to live.

Life is meant to remain joyous. Life is meant to master the secret of finding bliss in every activity that we participate. Life is in details and the details lie in taking care of every aspect that touches us in our voyage as humans.

We are born with our own set of identities, our own set of setbacks and our own set of expectations. If we dig deep, we will find that eventually we have the same one goal of our lives. And that goal is to elevate our spiritual self to the uppermost level, so that we are able to extract pleasure from seemingly painful conditions and we are able to identify between good and bad.

I have always found biggest of joys in being able to serve the person in need. In my capacity as a healthcare professional, I routinely practice my expertise to spread hope and happiness. I find this very therapeutic and when I bring across a smile to someone’s face, I feel closest to God.

Since antedeluvian times, people are exposed to all sorts of famines and cataclysms that make their lives take all the wrong turns when they expect it the least. We, the humans, must invest in a process by which we can make people’s life immune to avoidable mental, physical and social catastrophes. No matter how ahead we reach in applied sciences, we make no appreciable progress if we don’t device new means of bringing happiness to people’s lives. We must rule our minds to serve our people and we would make Mother Nature happy by abiding this simple tenet of life. May we discover a world where love songs are sung at twilight and at dawn, where people don’t get flickered by every passing emotion and where people explore the awesome possibilities of life like there is no tomorrow.

We are doctors; but we are humans too.

A lot of times, I sit together with fellow doctors and we discuss the changing patterns in patients’ behavior. At times we feel good in finding that we deal with a whole new lot of educated people who know the importance of a medical checkup or a medical treatment; on the other hand we get flummoxed by a certain lot of patients that fail to take us in our professional spirit and keeps on failing us. Many a times, patients think that by paying up the consultation fee or treatment fee, they must be deemed healthy, come what may. We work hard as doctors but we can’t really achieve the unattainable results just because our patients press for them.

There are certain situations that make us, the doctors, feel bad. It always helps if a patient gets to know the limitations of a doctor also; we are also bound by certain rules, and the most rigid rules are those posed by the course of diseases. I am placing few stances when we, the doctors, feel belittle and disheartened.

Patient pays up for the consultation fee and hopes to get every seed of the miraculous recovery presented to him/her right there, on the spot. What we advice is on the merit of your health and indwelling disease process; you must show trust on our professional caliber. Its not that every disease can be treated on out-patient basis; for some ailments you would be required to get admitted and observed closely.

Patient asks for the rationale of the investigations carried out on an admitted patient, and he does that with a vengeance. It is sad that due to incomplete, and often faulty information, patient thinks that we are tending to investigate him more than what is required. For the patient it might be just be a prevailing bout of fever, but for us, the doctors, the rationale possibilities run much higher. We tell the patients that abdominal ultrasound is not only required when one is having abdominal pain; it can have other indications as well. Sometimes patients listen to it and better senses prevail in them; sometimes they outright label you as the money-seeking doctor. I am sure there are ample of instances happening daily in the professional lives of a lot of my colleagues.

Patient asks for a guarantee of the treatment process rendered. This is always dismaying, and often signals the shifting mind sets of a large population. We give the reference of medical literature; we take pain in providing detailed interpretation of the disease course and disease process. Sometimes it works and sometimes patient thinks that we, the doctors, have knowingly kept a gap in the treatment process so that we get to treat him again when he arrives with similar problem. For a doctor, it is a known fact that some ailments have high recurrence rate; for a patient everything must come with a guarantee. How can we, possibly, guarantee that typhoid won’t occur again? How can we guarantee that those esophageal varices won’t bleed again? How can we guarantee that the hernia won’t surface again?

Patient tries to be overfriendly with you and in the process starts exceeding the thin line in between patient-doctor relationship. Yes we don’t mind behaving like friends with some of the patients that have high faith in us; but that does not give you liberty to behave abruptly. Show a little respect to the doctors; it would only strengthen the bond that you share with your doctor.

Six Degrees of Separation.

I have always been enthralled by the theory that any 2 people in the world are 6 steps away from being known to each other; and these 6 steps mean 6 people. The world is so small then; so beautifully small. And I must bow to my friends and superiors with enviable data analytical capabilities, with strong statistical abilities and with a pivotal passion for mathematics, that we have been given this social finding that sounds so spiritual in its face value. A beggar who is forced to share the pavement with the army of stray dogs is just 6 people away from knowing Bill Gates; does that causes ripples? Is this the ecstasy of hope or of disillusion?

In 2007 study was carried out by Microsoft employees, Jure Leskovec and Eric Horvitz, who examined a chain of 30 billion conversations among 240 million people. They found the average path length among Microsoft Messenger users to be 6.6; pretty close to the theory of six degree of separation? Huh.

According to a study of 5.2 billion social media relationships in twitter, it was found that the average distance on Twitter is 4.67. On average, about 50% of people on Twitter are only four steps away from each other, while nearly everyone is five steps away.

In another work, researchers have shown that the average distance of 1,500 random users in Twitter is 3.435. They calculated the distance between each pair of users using all the active users in Twitter. It heralds an intellectual debate by galvanizing the thought that an unusually active person might be separated by a number less than 6 to any other person of the world. So, if you aim to make the world a close-knit family, start making the right noise, at the right time, to the right person.

The data team of Facebook data released two papers in November 2011 which document that amongst all facebook users at the time of research (they studied about 721 million users with 69 billion mutual friendships) there is an average distance of 4.74.

It means the nature wanted us all to remain accessible to each other. It is us who played the bad game and created rifts in between humans, social lives, nations etc. You must agree that six is a small number eventually; the onus on us is to break the bar of this number in the way that helps the society most. Do you find a possibility of six reducing to five or may be four in the coming years with the aggressive might of social media spectrums and easy availability of communication machines? Shouldn’t politicians or think tanks of the nations think laterally and use this information to develop a system where the underprivileged gets introduced to the person keen enough to help at that moment of time. At least in India, deserving people have to spend a lot of time in trying to get a break just because they don’t know the right person; can an algorithm be devised for the practical usages?

The world is a small space; let’s shrink it more by knowing everyone. And at the places when knowing everyone does not suffice, let’s help everyone to give the human relationship it’s real meaning back.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Its sad to see someone addicted to drugs.

Drug abuse has a lot more evil to it than what comes to our immediate thoughts. Unfortunately, we don’t realize the magnitude of the problem sitting in our plush offices. People who fall prey to this satanic ritual fail the voice of their self-righteousness and conscience. Most of the drug addictions lead not only to psychological dependence but also to physical dependence. I have seen a lot of young, middle aged and elderly people spanning all walks of life that have been eclipsed to the world of lull darkness by this fiendish habit.

A person fails to see the malicious implications that drug abuse brings along. Most of the time people first experience substance abuse in the setting of peer pressure. Many times people take recluse in this horrendous habit while tending to negotiate their anxious and dejected state of mind. People start doing drugs in a fraction of moment, failing to see the horizons that fade in the future with enormous pace. Illegal drugs are costly to procure and invariably involve middlemen, the people with antisocial background and necrotic conscience. So a gullible person that gets involved with this unfortunate habit has to break laws to keep fuelling his or her substance craving episodes.

The conscience of drug addicts takes a toll to suffer a premature death. An addict can not differentiate between good and bad; what his myopic view sees is the dose of drug and mode to procure it. Even the dog in the street knows that drug abuse has never-ending appetite for lives. The loss of a loved one is impossible to be replenished. Are we doing something to address this problem, collectively or sporadically? Is our government doing enough to protect our kids and youth by the evil effects of this habit? Do you think you should think more actively about this problem? By failing to keep up to the social expectations, aren’t we failing ourselves in the eyes of our children and our loved ones too? Can anyone be sure to keep one’s progenies immune to this stigma?

What is your elixir of life?

We crib a lot of times that the world doesn’t love us. In a burst of negative birr, we tend to filter out the positive aspects of a situation and the left-over remnants of a complicated mental process make us realize, falsely though, that we are no longer loved by anyone in this world. It’s such a common thing to not to realize that you are, indeed, loved by more people than you expect in the brightest of your days. We are all commanded by different set of thought processes; some of us churn our thoughts more than the others; some of us get presided over by the wings with poor control, so what they are following is an ungoverned trajectory; some of us are the eager beavers, you give their minds a simple, dead-looking thought and they would, exotically enough, create a lesson of life from it.

We, very often, overlook the love that our colleagues and acquaintances harbor for us. It happens that we get indulged in our families and close group of friends so much that we don’t really appreciate the silent glances that scream of enormous love. Not everyone that takes you in high spirits is expected to cross your path and announce his or her feelings for you. Certain feelings are preceded by a very small slice of life or plainly by a déjà vu, or by an involuntary force that is difficult to be overcame. The existence of such seraphic love happens more than our hackneyed mind-process and biased eyes can see. So, in most of the cases, we don’t really reciprocate our feelings and an imminent beautiful equation is never delivered.

Look around you to catch the signals of unconditional love; give your thoughts the eyes of an eagle; let your mind wander uninhibitedly and identify the subjects of it’s alter existence. You would be amazed to find more love in the universe than you ever imagine. The universe is built with fabrics of love, so there should not be much difficulty in finding the quintessential part of the universe’s basis. And love is not just a feeling; I am sure it has its own properties. You believe in it and it strengthens your belief in everything; you throw it over someone and you get it back in return; you bend it and it shows its tenacity; love is a cure-all elixir of life. Give your mind some elbow room and find love at all around you.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Prolonged Cloud-Commuting. La-Nina calling shots.

The bloom of winters is not fading away even though we had our customary festivities i.e. Lohri, Makar Sankranti that announce the onset of warmer days ahead. New Delhi has become the cathedral of mist and heroically steps into the league of western urban climatic realities.

It happens so may times that your touch phone requires sustained efforts as you finger pulps, frozen cold, fail to evoke the senses out of that intuitive-gone-numb touch screen. 

While driving, your pupils remain mid-dilated to capture the maximum visual field, courtesy the smog. So many penurious people, who inhabit in footpaths and streets, succumb to hypothermia while we continue to liver our quota of saturnalia. 

Those of us who have been non smokers attempt to exhale in twilight to visualize what it likes to see the impression of smoke coming out of our lips.

The days have shrunk considerably in length and the people working in night-shifts might feel cheated by the elongated spree of winters this year; the hubbub of night fails to settle. I read in newspaper that this prolonged duration of winter this year is attributed to La-Nina effect, an ocean-atmosphere phenomenon. Is the climate giving us a clue for some precise messages?

The incessant binge of freshly brewed coffee, the chatter of colleagues over unending supply of roasted cashew nuts and home made pakoras (the fried snack made by batter of gram flour), the picturesque surroundings when even the ordinary looks carve out a memorable artistic expression – a photographer’s delight, the shattered and shriveled appearance of those living out in the open, the helpless stray dogs, the feeling of being involved in cloud computing in the office and in cloud commuting when driving back home, the incredible number of hours spent beneath the quilts and cushions, the aggressive beams of the cars that work overtime due to Sun’s leave without notice, the terror of touching something metallic with bare fingers – Winters give us a different slice of life.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

I miss the clunk of Typewriters.

I miss the clunk-clunk of the iron molded typewriters. Yes, its good to be in the company of computers and printers, but my heart has started craving for the authoritarian typewriters. There were days when no office was ever complete without the chaotic clunk of those metal buttons. The frequency of clunk was more or less directly proportional to the amount of business the office was doing. Even now, whenever I see some old Hollywood film, the sight of a blonde girl working calmly on the typewriter while her superior is puffing cigar in the next room seems so familiar.

Time paced hurriedly and computers took over. Printers took over, fax machines took over, cloud computing took over. Nothing remained the same, though the poor typewriter always tried to make space for every other competitive product. Alas, the dignity and respect that the typewriter displayed for the superior species never got returned back. When the typewriters were about to be introduced in the market, there was quite an uproar by a certain segment of people. Poor spellers lobbied against the concept of mechanical typing and imposed the severest of resistance against buying typewriters. They were afraid that they won’t be able to hide their inaccurate spellings with illegible handwriting. But as the typewriters entered the commercial markets, they created a legend. In the late 19th century, the most popular typewriter was appropriately named as The Dollar Typewriter.

I have passed a large part of my early years in various B town cities of India; and owning a typewriter had always been considered a thing to be proud of. As a child, I have fond memories of trying my finger pulp at hitting the cold, hard buttons and seeing the carbon making imprint on the recycled paper. It used to be such a pondering process; I don’t know was it the love of typewriters or was it the sense of seeing a form of creation with wide eyes, but I had always loved to watch a typewriter in action. Even today, if I get a choice to install some software by which I can hear the clunk sound of typewriter buttons when pressing my computer keyboard, I would go for it without second thoughts. I am sure many of us have deeply attached sentiments with the legacy of typewriters; if any one is planning to start a typewriter aficionado group in India, consider me IN.

You can’t love your parents enough.

It takes a lot of courage to reminisce the childhood days in slow motion, in sepia tone. We hold most of the moments so close to our hearts that a lively whisk to the blob of memories proves to arrhythmia-inducing mechanism. Don’t you get stirred up when you remember the days of hand-cooked, warm and delicious meals, served always on time and in abundance?

Our parents used to say a lot of clichéd sentences and most of us, if not everyone, used to know the next sentence in offering in the times of a tumult. For a bad academic performance, we used to be told that if you study hard you will make a career, and if you spoil your time playing in the fields, you will get nothing in return. Many of us were forbidden to eat curd at night as it is supposedly a cough inducing agent, but that didn’t stop us from secretly relishing on Bhalla-Papri before supper. You attempt to gulp down water just after you ate peanuts and you were sure to be fired a spree of clichéd advices. Those days I thought a cliché to be an avoidable sin in any communication, and I never paid any heed to the repeated advices as I used to believe Science more. I was wrong; its sometimes OK to be over sensitive for your kids once you attain parenthood. Parents stop living for themselves once they step into parenthood; its all about sacrifice which comes in naturally. Many of us kept our noses to the grindstone to keep our parents’ faces glowing with self-assured happiness. And yes, many of us got back on the horse that bucked them even though the parents were always there to share our sorrows and to help us get back on our feet.

It is important to be insightful with the kids. When you see your little daughter arranging to get her doll married, you see a little part of yourself in her. When you see your little son cuddling with you German Shepherd, you get caught in an amazing array of emotions. The little bit of God gets activated in ourselves the day we become parents. Parenthood is beyond descriptions.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Indian Kids Vs Kyrgyzstan Kids?

I am sure many of you must have read the recent report about Indian Kids that created quite a furor. If I were to ask, I would place my bet on the mass sentiment that there is something amiss in the report. A large number of Indians are working in the top-notch corporate companies across the globe. In past few years few of our people have been given the topmost responsibilities in Ivy League universities; Indians are always regarded as the brainy and hardworking individuals. Then how come this report places our kids second last amongst 73 nations that took part in the annual Program for International Student Assessment (PISA)?

It is difficult to say about the selection bias as about half a million kids were included from 73 countries for this specific exercise. Indian Government had selected students from Tamil Nadu and Himachal Pradesh and they stood second last in the horde. Many of us might have never heard the mention of Kyrgyzstan before; it’s a small, underdeveloped and mountainous country with a population of about 5.3 million (that is about 1/120 than that of India) that thrives mainly because of agriculture. Being an Indian myself, this report doesn’t really makes its way in my cerebral tank.

Today’s TOI (Times Of India) reports that a sharp decline in reading and mathematical ability has been found to have raised to demonic proportions in Indian kids. I agree without a second thought; but then this is not the problem of one province. Kids across the globe are finding it difficult to actually read from the books, courtesy the computer. In India we, as parents, teachers and responsible citizens, pay a lot of stress to make sure that our kids get enrolled in the best of the schools. The curriculum followed in our schools is no less than that of their counterparts situated at the other side of the sea. Our kids keep on innovating machineries, creating designs and developing frameworks. Indians have always been the favorites for employment in any industry that requires moderate knowledge of English language. Still 72nd rank out of 73 must create fracas in our thought process. I must say I am shaken severely.

What happened to the land of AryaBhatt and Sushruta? Or can there be a possibility of errors in the overall process? Anyone smelling something fishy or I am the only one? My gut instincts are really not able to imbibe the fact that we stood just ahead of a underprivileged country with population less than half of Indian capital. It’s the eventual time for the policymakers, education promoters and parents to start thinking out-of-the-box. How else can one justify the ever escalating costs involved in educating our children?

Monday, January 16, 2012

Top 5 Qualities of a Patients' Counselor.

Patient counselor is the ‘Abrecadarian Bridge’ between an ailing soul and its journey to health. A patient counselor can make much difference in the overall outcome of a patient’s odyssey in the hospital. People have different levels of subjectivity, different levels of patience and different levels of knowledge. Obviously, it is difficult to trace out 2 individuals with akin attitude. So a counselor’s task becomes as diverse as it can be; and its all a mental game, where winning is defined by the outlook and a loss can be cataclysmic.

  1. Counselor must always appear as compassionate as possible. A ruckus-filled mind is more likely to respond favorably to a seraphic soul than to anyone else. So try to peep in the tunnels of patient's psyche; look out for the factors that are troubling him the most and then make him realize that you really understand him, and care for him.
  2. Knowing the tit-a-bit of complex medical jargons also helps a great deal. The patient must not be rendered a piece of advice that is in contradiction to the prevailing medical concepts. It happens many a time that the patient turns to the counselor to have greater knowledge of disease and its treatment method. It happens mainly because either the patient is shy enough to ask direct questions to the treatment provider or the doctor leaves a lot of information between sentences and the patient’s queries suffer a boomerang’s trajectory.
  3. To maintain the patient-doctor axis in equilibrium is one of the foremost responsibilities of an adept patient counselor. Once this axis is in symmetry, the work happens with the best pace. Learn to efficiently wipe out the fluff that would be of no use to the patient and the ultimate treatment process.
  4. Counselor must be very patient. Troubled patients tend to loose their cool, and also tend to develop aberrational thought-process. In such a spree, the counselor can be at the receiving end of heat words. Such situations are not very uncommon and must be handled with the maturity of a sage and the wisdom of a geek. Remember, the kind acts never fizzle out; the repercussions would be there for you to feel and revel in the glory of inner solace.
  5. It helps to keep your self in the patient’s state of mind at times. You can not just think out quickly of the best mode of response, but you can also identify the most potential stumbles that are troubling the patient. Learning has to be constant to keep evolving the ways that help the patients multi-dimensionally.

When you counsel a patient, put your world in the process. You are entrusted to calm down aplenty agitated nerves and you must practice the most valuable principles, the principles of hope, help and trust. Your role is important. You can put your best foot forward to help your bit in preserving the sacrosanct nature of medical profession by filtering out the granules of uncertainty and doubt from the patients’ minds. You can abridge the negativity right there by early identification and disseminate seeds of hope, knowledge and compassion to ensure that the miracle-working force of faith starts setting in. It is every doctor’s dream to get a patient counselor with angelic demeanor and sanguine outlook.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Be a Vagabond. Explore Life.

Many of my colleagues think that I am overindulgent in my work. They keep on telling me to go slow on the pedestal of life; they think I have no life beyond the walls of my hospital. I appreciate their concerns but what do I do? I love my work. This is the biggest stress relieving activity that I ever laid my hands on. It needs just a glimpse of my freshly fumigated Operation Theatre and all my stress calms down. I think all of us have our very own versions of stress busters; how else can one cope up with the crest and trough ridden processes of life?

I have always derived pleasures from the present moment. I have seen people working their nerves off, day and night, just to realize years later that all the exercise was not worth it. If you come across life rather poker-faced, chances are high that you will miss the ebullience. You must look out to find out different facets of life and deal with it in a way that gives you ample of time for self-discovery. I frequently see people shedding tears over impending worries, and I can not understand the rationale behind. By fearing incessantly about the possible occurrence of an unfortunate event, we only increase its likelihood.

Live your life providently. Have a ferocious appetite for knowledge. Make faith your talisman.

Don’t invest in fleeting pleasures of life. Being hedonist is not a bad thing; you just have to know the real meaning of pleasure. Foster self-belief. 

Have aplenty compassion. Be hawk-eyed.  Get drowned in the ebullience of self-sacrificing moments. Cultivate amour proper. Explore the abecedarian truths of life and abide by them. Spread the seeds of love.

Do we need an ORACLE to correct us?

To attain the apogee of success, one must invest heavily in oneself. Every one of us is capable of producing the never heard of positive changes in the society but the process must start from the ‘self’. The universe is a meshwork of billions of galaxies and every galaxy contains innumerable planets; the vastness of space is beyond ordinary comprehension. But this must be having its logics. By the experience that I have accumulated through all my life till now, I firmly opine that everything that happens has a cause and an effect. Certain things follow a boomerang's trajectory, certain things belittle others and certain things propagate others. Nature’s machinery must be one of the most flawless and insurrectionary one. So you can not just thwart off anything that takes place in the nature and term it poppycock. That would make you look so ordinary, so wishy-washy. I have always tried to look up to certain event from various angles.

Sometimes I engage myself visualizing a specific situation from one perspective, followed by which I make my opinion and just move ahead. Then, consciously, I again visualize that same situation after some time, this time from a different perspective. I do it a lot of times till I am convinced of robbing off all the assumable perspectives. I must admit I observe different truths every time. Here lies the Nature’s flummox – you see what you want to see. The truth for one person may not be the truth for other person. As I explore further, I observe that a lot of insightful findings can be discovered if we tend to practice our savoir vivre. I love to wander in thoughts; that makes me a wayfarer in the affair of life.

Monday, January 9, 2012

The Cult of Underdogs.

Failure is a constant companion. Eremophobia envelops a lot of people the moment they start failing in their objectives. Failure is a term less understood in its totality and applied scope. What is failure at one stage can be a success in the other one. Statistics reveal that about half of the undergraduates have flunked in one or the other subjects. In the enormous researches, it has been shown that most common cause of the failure is missed deadlines, followed by that of impractical expectations. A failure is like a litmus test; the stronger and the more knowledgeable emerges the final winner. Life is but an unending race that requires the expertise of being a marathoner and a sprinter.

Your failure is not an exception. The way you plan your comeback is something that can make you an exception. Thwart off the esquivalience. Analyze well and don’t be biased while judging yourself. Be ruthlessly true. Your observations would be simon-pure and the chances of finding a valid reason that led to your failure would soar high. Tabulate a lot of questions, even the basic ones and start answering them. Once you are done with the entire analysis job, write down the findings. Speak to people who may have been in a similar state. Don’t feel dilapidated; it’s easy to blame the entire fiasco on the luck and make your lachrymal glands overwork. Halt. Learn from the failure. Reinstate your belief in your abilities and dreams. Imagine yourself having attained your objective and revel in the glory of celebrations – let it be all in the mind. It would invoke your subconscious mind and the pieces would start falling in places. Flood your neural fluid.

A comeback is worth a jamboree. The winning moment has something very special about it – the overshadowing glances, the grandiose gait, the glib speech, the mighty magnetism and what not. When you feel low in anticipation of a failure, make yourself remember your own power. What in the earth can overpower you? Underdogs have a notorious history of performing and winning when no one expects this from them. Underdogs are not born underdogs, they happen by choices.

Make a comeback that shifts all the glances over you.
Make a comeback that is truly worth your lifetime.
Make a comeback to leave a legend.
Make a comeback to let people know what magic can be caused by an array of focused thoughts and unflinching actions, acting in unison.
Make a comeback to make people believe in the glory of underdogs.

Every Cell of your body is the Alter-Ego of the Galaxy. What say?

The world is crafted by a dab hand with inestimable intellect and flocks of foresight. You dig a bit deeper and you will be stupefied. To know the moves of this celestial jigsaw, you can’t really afford to remain a fysigunkus. If you circumspect clearly with an unhindered mind you will see that the universe, the nature, the life, the body and the mind are studded with opposites, lying in near vicinity to one another. A night compliments a day. For a sorrow, a happy moment is waiting nearby. Fits of anger often culminate in angelic love. A male is incomplete without a female. Successes and failures often mark the trajectory of a lifetime with equal representations. When fear looms to the vertigo-inducing heights, courage precipitates. Our bodies have the white matter and the grey matter, in close proximity. If there is an atheist sitting in one corner of the congregation hall, chances are high that in the same room there exists an ecclesiastical, God-fearing person.

Why do opposites are so ubiquitous? Do they serve the purpose of confounding us, or do they denote the vital steps of the ladder to enlightenment? Why do you choose to be at a certain perspective of the picture, when your other folks put their beliefs in the other side of the perspective? Have you experienced the lightening shudder that travels your spinal column the moment you change your faith from one perspective of the picture to the other? Being able to see the opposite with the same set of eyes and spiritually lifted mind can be foudroyant. Researchers say that there may be more than 170 billion galaxies in the discernible universe, so what do you think about the existence of opposites when you take the bigger picture into notice?

When I say that a random cell of your body is the alter-ego of the galaxy, would you like to correct me? I see a lot of similarities in the mentioned pair. Our minds keep on giving birth to a lot of thoughts every single day, and in the galaxy also, a lot of organisms take birth daily. Night is an eternal reality of the galaxy as is the sleep in our physiological system. Nature gets affected by calamities e.g. earthquakes, lightening etc. and we, the humans, also get affected by painful moments in our lives. When it rains, they say the weather is going to be pleasant afterwards; have you noticed the state of your mind some time after you have stopped crying? Our cells work till the time they die and the planets also have to keep on revolving to remain in the galaxy.

Cosmological makeup of the universe is yet to be deciphered correctly; and no one knows what gave birth to a living organism. What is life? Can a non living thing give birth to a living thing? So there has to be a living whiz to master all the successive origins. What I feel is that we must blend our scientific results with the spiritual knowledge to decode the BIG ORIGIN. It may be the penultimate step for us in decoding our destinies; but then we must act fast; there are 170 billion more galaxies to be taken care of.

Why are you making your child a slave?

I often become witness to the ghastly sites wherein the parents of a toddler or a sprightly kid spend fidgeting times stressing hard about their child’s first admission to a school. Parents, in order to give their child the best possible academic roof, often fail to look into the aspect of a child’s education from an unbiased perspective. What do you want your child to gain in those initial years? Do you think a child should be made to waken up at wee hours in the morning forcibly? How many children are getting the required amount of undisturbed sleep in their routines? Do you keep yourself abreast of latest psychological recommendations pertaining to that of a child, or a teenager?

Ok, I agree. You lead a stressful life and with the way the tides are turning, you are right when you think that the best prepared would be able to survive in the jungle of mankind. No second thoughts. But have you spared a thought about what actually would the best prepared look like or think about? Does it help when you burden the child by expressing every iota of your expectations to his tender mind? Someone wants their kid to become a NASA Scientist, someone is nurturing dreams to watch their progeny establishing the status of a business tycoon one day, someone is making their child rehearse, even when the child is down with that seasonal burst of tonsillitis, to participate in the audition of that music related reality show. Why do you oversee the reality when it lies in front of you, stark naked.

Every child is different. Then why don’t we follow a system where every child is given a different treatment. Why this mad gush of a plethora of subjects? Do you really have to learn about the Friedel-Craft’s Alkylation of Benzene compounds when you want to make it big in finance and accounts? What is the use of juggling with knotty calculations of calculus when you have lost your heart to literature and prose? Why don’t you get a choice when your mind is least occupied with the fluff? Are we benefitting our kids, or, in turn, inciting more harm than good? Why don’t we encourage our kids to know themselves spiritually? Its pretty obvious that falling in the same league, as they turn adults, they would be having loads of cholesterol in their vasculature, loads of confusions in their minds and loads of unhappiness in their lives. Why don’t we break the chain reaction to give our kids a lease of life? Why do we want to program their existence and turn them in the lines of human robots, who cringe every minute for inner solace?

God’s creations are all so exquisitely beautiful, and charm of children is beyond comparisons. Why can’t we give our children a world where they can be free-thinkers? Why do we, blame it to our thoughtlessness or lack of enlightened knowledge or plain simple faint-heartedness, choose to make them slaves?