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Friday, February 17, 2012

25 Awesome things happening around you

  1. A friend is helping a friend come over the pain of a failed relationship.
  2. Two people in your town are falling in love.
  3. Someone is making an opinion about you.
  4. A flock of vegetable vendors is arranging the veggies in a nice, decorative way to sell them in the evening.
  5. A babysitter is stealing a cookie while the baby is watching her.
  6. Buckets of tears are being shed in your hometown over the afternoon telecast of some particular daily soap.
  7. A girl is making up her mind to respond in affirmation to the marriage proposal, made by her eye-candy an hour back.
  8. Someone is on the verge of dying because of extreme hunger.
  9. A fireman is entering a building, engulfed in fire, to save the strangers.
  10. Millions of fat-laced fries are being eaten by femme fatales that are tired of trying to be in shape.
  11. Someone has just experienced a sleep-terror and woken up with shudders down his spine.
  12. A toddler just managed to take first few steps of his life, without any support.
  13. A young female made a promise to her boyfriend that would remain unbroken in this lifetime.
  14. A soon-to-be-bride is busy day dreaming.
  15. An adolescent just managed to get first ever experience of snorting cocaine.
  16. A soon-to-be daddy is shopping baby clothes without looking at the price tags.
  17. Someone donated more than a million dollars to the charity, and proceeded to cook for his spouse.
  18. An actor has rehearsed for a particular shot for 68th time amidst scorching heat.
  19. Someone just bought a brand new deodorant, for the very first time in his/her life.
  20. An Emergency Medical Officer is busy saving one of his patient’s life.
  21. Someone just got rid of all the debts that kept on lingering for more than a decade.
  22. Someone is pretending to have fallen slept to avoid lousy company of his guests.
  23. Someone just helped a blind old lady crossing the busy road.
  24. A cancer patient just came to know that he has achieved complete remission.
  25. Someone woke up after sleeping for 28 hours at a stretch.

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