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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

20 Questions that are worth their salt.

  1. Do you press the elevator button many times in succession? Do you think it can help it move faster?
  2. If you could have a chance to revisit a certain period of your life, what would it be?
  3. Would you ever break the law to save someone dear to you?
  4. What piece of advice would you want to give to a troubled teenager?
  5. What came first - night or day?
  6. Do you believe that Science and Religion are inseparable?
  7. Why do you think night-terrors occur?
  8. Who is the first person you want to see when you are most happy?
  9. Do you long to know others secrets?
  10. Do you possess complete control of your life?
  11. Do you think your life has a story worth telling?
  12. Have you been the kind of friend you want as friend?
  13. Do you bother to keep track of your childhood pals? Does their exponential progress affect you adversely?
  14. Would you be willing to give away 15 years of your life to turn extremely attractive or famous?
  15. Do you discriminate people based on their living standards?
  16. Would you be able to hold glances with your dear ones if some of your secrets are spilled?
  17. Have you done something that you are proud of?
  18. Have you ever felt attracted to a particular thought that doesn’t match with your overall personality and way of thinking?
  19. Have you ever witnessed a death?
  20. What would you think your age to be, if you are not aware of your real age?

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