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Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Glow Of Red Bulb

I seldom think about the cerebral calisthenics happening outside the operation theatre. The relatives of patients waiting mutely with anxious gazes; seems so contemptible. There can be no pertinent portrayal of what happens in the numb minds in those crucial hours. The leviathan wait just seems a tunnel with no light. Feelings of belonging, affection, care, hope all form a broth; so close to the nectar of life. Divine, pure and subliminal. Everyone prays differently; some chant feverishly, some succumb to silent soliloquy, some let their faith pace ahead of time to conquer the peaceful news for them, some leave it all to their karma and almighty. The prodigal emotions are invoked ardently with no premeditated effort.

People experience some of the biggest soul-stirring moments outside operation theatre, waiting for their loved ones to come out safely and cured. Most of the times the wait just seems cruel, heartless and never-ending; anxious calls are made to staff nurses and doctors to get a pie of the real news. The Operation Theatre has an unyielding heart of rock; it sees the most piteous sentiments; it transforms the bodies (and the souls). Relativity of time can be experienced best while warming the waiting seat with a constant effort to ward away the negative thoughts that loom vehemently. The anticipation seems agonizingly aberrant. Unpleasant incidents often have a heart of gold and they tend to transform the ordinary metal; the ordinary people.

My SWOT Analysis


My faith in Almighty
My Medical Education
My Professional Experience
My Family
My Friends & Colleagues
I can write well
I don’t forget people & their patterns
People love me (especially my patients)
Internet savvy
Don’t keep up with Joneses mentality
Love to appreciate hidden humor in ordinary things


Not able to take out adequate time for family & friends, due to surmounting professional engagements. Not able to spend enough time in recreational activities that I love (listening to old ballads, reading literature)

Thinking from the heart (and not from the brain) most of the times


To learn new advancements in surgical sciences & patient care
To evolve more as a person and to be able to identify with my inner self
To learn from others in similar roles to mine
To pay back to the society in my embroidered capacities
To evolve as a Multi-tasking individual (Doctor, Blogger, Musician, Gourmet Connoisseur and what not)
To help poor and needy people in my capacity as the director of a Multi Super Specialty Hospital


Time pressure, which can wreck my plan for self-enlightenment because it catapults me back to my “usual” daily routine

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

India Vs Pakistan. Frantic Frenzy Floats.

A national frenzy is looming large. Who will eliminate whom? India meets Pakistan in the knock out round of Cricket World Cup 2011 tomorrow. Vapors of adrenaline would color the air inducing mass delirium. CEOs and Office boys would be staring the screen with equal ecstasy. Many corporate offices have declared a day off, so that employees can absorb the finest nuances of the saga. Taxi drivers in Mumbai have decided to give their accelerator pedals a hypnotic high. Clubs offering large screen rendezvous with the live telecast are buzzing with the anxious calls for bulk booking of seats. The rivals would be locking horns in a world cup after a good 8 years, it’s no ordinary happening.

TV Channels (live streaming the match) have escalated the advertisement rates to dizzying heights. A lot of nickel would be experiencing frantic dissemination, here and there. Verbal diarrhea would inflict the reporters with heightened severity. Hearts would find mass synchronization in their beat pattern. Millions of focused thoughts would encircle the 22 warriors in crucial moments of the game, one at a time. Second chances would be vehemently denied to the players who would blink first. Gallons of catecholamine would be flooded in the streets and houses.

Who will win? Our own cold blooded assassins of the Bat-And-Ball, the hardhearted executioners, the mass favorites. I hope India wins.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Will this ever happen?

When humans would interact with birds, animals and plants freely.

When we would just require supply of light to get energy. No forced necessity of meals or water.

When currency would be an outdated reality & every luxury of life would be equally available to every living organism without any costs.

When inter-planetary travel would be a norm.

When there would be no diseases in the world. Genetic assortment would be possible to tackle for every illness even before birth. And this would be as easy as operating Microsoft Word.

When weathers would be customizable.

When we would have a defined control over our subconscious.

When the break of dawn & dusk would be at the mercy of a remote control, one for every individual.

When we could turn the environment into a 6-D reality by mere thought.

When we could absorb all the required knowledge by attaching a pen drive and pasting the data in our body’s hard disc. This will render the concept of IQ archaic.

When the birth and death would no longer be the masters, but the slaves.

When the intensity of smiles would be measurable.

When anything fake would no longer exist.

When souls will talk to each other, anytime.

Monday, March 21, 2011

My Supply Of Red-Bull

I love to do the activities that I have enlisted below after a lot of mind-work.

1) Performing surgeries. Nothing can match the thrill & satisfaction that I derive from performing surgeries. The moment I see an OT (Operation Theatre), my catecholamines go berserk.

2) Kneeling down to Lord Krishna in awe-inspiring admiration. I visit Vrindavan every week and on exceptions, I make it a point to visit a Lord Krishna shrine in the vicinity. The poised trance effuses a lot of canalized energy, which is the ignition fuel of my soul’s journey in the ordinary lanes of life.

3) To listen to songs. I love to feel the melodies and it really relaxes a lot. My all time favorite being, ‘Raah mein unse mulakat ho gayi’ from Vijaypath (A Bollywood Film)

4) To call my friends and have a light time together. I am sure few things can beat the thrill of meeting old folks and have a dream time together.

5) Watching old photographs and taking a stroll in the orbit of preserved memories. I am sure all of us love to do this.

6) Learning new internet and web related applications. I know the difference between Blogger and Tumblr. Want more?

7) Watching a film or a cricket match (whatever is readily available)

8) Cooking a dish. It’s in my blood. My father had a florid flair for cooking and I got the dominant genes.

9) Checking facebook updates of my folks. Who dislikes facebook anyways? (And if anyone dislikes, who cares for him anyways?)

10) Organizing myself and my work place. This is something which comes in high priority (though has been mentioned at the bottom of the list); I believe organizing helps you in discovering the facets of your life and yourself that you were unaware of. It’s like finding your occult power and feeling its potential impact. Its like kinetic meditation.

An Evening To Remember

The orange light of nature’s traffic lane. Evening is the tune of addiction. Who hates an evening? It’s a flash in the pan before all is covered with a black blanket. A cathedral of pre-retirement. The bed of young rainbows. The lain of infatuation.

Flocks of hymning birds trespassing the kingdom of sky with stubborn spirit, sips of coffee with whips of thick cream, tubs of peppery popcorn with naughty aroma, vapors of infectious playfulness whirling the little parks and playgrounds, the army of roadside assortment of eateries squealing their larynx out, the sight of a an ordinary human returning back from a hard day’s work, the evening is a precious environment.

Evening is otherworldly. The lumbar bone of the day. A moment when you switch from day light to dark night. Things which define the day refrain the knock of evening, but to gradually succumb to the hypnotic hymns that reverberate in the evening’s soul. The lilt of the reddened sun seeks shelter in the broad wings of evening, and tranquility starts floating. Watch the evening and forget yourself.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Insane Spirit Of Divine Saturnalia

Colors are insane. Colors are innocuous. Colors are divine. Colors embody gaiety and glee.

Colors are pleasant and they have the power to change someone’s appearance by a mere contact. Colors are commanding. The yells fill the hollow of the air, temporary rainbows flood the sights, acquired delirium dominates. A handful of colored dust sprinkled over an innocent cheek is a vista to cherish.

Celebration is similar to worshipping. The former is to adore self and the latter is to appreciate other. The souls turn maniacal and the faces turn buffoon when Holi arrives. Indians are known to lead a struggling life and Holi gives us a moist embrace in the scorching heat of daily life. It soaks our souls, we turn kids again. People jolt with joy, dance with frenzy, tease with naughtiness and water bodies turn color pools.

A vivid assortment of colors. Everywhere. The atmosphere turns easy on the ear, melodies arise and dictate, mass hysteria occurs and people make merry like there is no tomorrow.

The senses are numb and the spirits are high, it’s the arrival of Holi with a kick. The cologne is authoritative, the ecstasy is unstoppable with the colors flowing and glowing.

Let the hoopla buzz till there is no tomorrow. Hello Supermoon, are you listening?

Friday, March 18, 2011

Hey Doc, I Googled And Got Something Else

Want to become a doctor? Or already a practicing clinician? Well, be prepared to face a flurry of questions from your patients, relevant or irrelevant. While some patients get satisfied testing your basic clinical knowledge, some have the quench to get you reminded of your final professional viva voce.

No one is at fault, it is the sociological development.

With the popularization of search engines and availability of medical data related websites, patients (and the population in general) have started feeding their symptoms & signs to the search bar and preserving the results to test your skills.

Don’t gouge your brains; patients are willing to be elucidated. Though I understand, human body is a cathedral of complexities. No longer acceptance of the superficial interpretation of the disease and its management, you will have to justify why the war broke out, what weapons would be used and when will the peace be restored. While to some of us, it might feel as a redundant infringement of our contented domains, to some it gives a thrill.

It also provides uncalled for and unintentional witty outbursts sometimes, in otherwise mind-numbing routine of clinicians. And the humor is shared by patient as well. It’s the part of learning process. As clinicians, we should respect our patient’s smallest of the queries and in turn, it lies on the patient’s perspective to refrain from making a final verdict on a doctor’s skills by giving the contents of the medical website, he browsed the night before, a preference. Medical Science is a perplexed field and only a trained doctor knows its versatility and applications. There is an army of atypical syndromes, atypical clinical presentations, atypical infections these days and medical websites or pre-coded software programs are unlikely to take their significance in fair account.

I feel good in attending to patients’ smallest and bizarre-at-the-best queries, as to infuse accurate understanding is imparting practical education and if you have been chosen to treat someone’s health issues, why not do it with an élan and in a flawless way with the broadest smile?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Have you found your joystick?

I remember it was a cold morning in Hong Kong. The year was 1992 and I had just entered the big hall in Prince of Wales College, meant for the practical training session of basic laparoscopic surgery. As my instructor finished with the illustrations, I held the laparoscope with keen eyes and fearful fingers. It was a bit uneasy to absorb the concept of minimal invasive surgery being really hit the jackpot with its potential applications. The experience was very strong. As I was guided by my instructor, I started making use of laparoscope with my gaze fixed on the monitor. Seemed unreal, but it was happening. It took me some time to not to stare at my hands but to focus on the screen. Those 10 days taught me the most magical aspect of surgery, performing big procedures with small incisions. I think, it took me my share of time to become relatively adept at. But I enjoyed the process and my learning curve.

Days passed by and I started doing laparoscopic (minimal invasive) surgery at my hospital (Khetarpal Hospital started functioning from year 1992 itself) with overflowing vigil. I learnt with every procedure; to be honest it used to take a lot of time in finishing one procedure and most of the practice spanned in removing gall bladders. I was feeling good to have adapted relatively very new concept and technique of surgery in my own practice. Those were the days when very few organizations in India were performing laparoscopic surgeries. As some more water passed under the bridges, the words spread and I started getting more patients who were keen to be performed minimal access surgery. But one thing remained unchanged, the sight of laparoscope infusing the vigor in my inner self. I remember, I went to Muktasar (a small town in Punjab, India) with my team and performed 32 Gall bladder removal operations in a single day. It was such an absorbing and full of beans experience. Life has in its stores to teach you and to make you efficient, only if you know the real meaning of being efficient.

Even today, as I enter my OT (Operation Theatre), the very sight of display of scopes and other minimal invasive instrumentations, gives me a cause to reinvent myself. I love to perform surgeries; in fact I don’t think I could have done anything in my life with such quantity of interest and gusto. I owe a lot to the laparoscope; it is my joy stick, my pillar of strength, my pal.

Lesser known facts about dreams

Life is an epic and dreams are hidden directions, pointed at you by the biggest genius, your subconscious, to take help you have a smooth sashay towards your destiny.

Were you aware of these facts about DREAMS?

1. Dreams prevent development of psychosis.

2. Toddlers do not dream about themselves until around the age of 3.

3. When you are snoring, you are not dreaming.

4. Even blind people are capable of dreaming.

5. Within 10 minutes of your waking, 90% of the dream is gone. You are unlikely to recall that.

6. Dreams contain familiar faces; it’s very unlikely that you would ever see an unfamiliar face in your dream.

7. Many of us dream in black and white (A full 12% of sighted people dream exclusively in black and white).

8. People who have quit smoking, alcohol or other substance abuse are more likely to be having vivid dreams than they would normally experience.

9. Dreams storm you with the sense of external stimuli. Many of us feel thirsty, afraid, writhed, detached, depressed in our dreams and at that moment the feeling is true.

10. If you are awakened out of REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep, you are more likely to remember your dream in a more vivid way than you would if you woke from a full night sleep.

11. Vivid dreams help you learn.

12. Sleep paralysis is a reality. A person experiences sleep paralysis when the brain awakes from the REM sleep cycle, but the paralysis state remains. The person is conscious, but unable to move.

13. Males & females dream differently. In fact, it is believed that around 70% of the characters in a man’s dream are other men. On the other hand, a woman’s dream contains almost an equal number of men and women.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Don’t be a fish

Resist the bait, or you will be caught. Little fish swimming in underwater have no realization of the possible danger that a little piece of succulent bait imposes. They jump to get a hold of the bait and get caught in the web of death. You have to be intuitively strong to survive in the dog eats dog world.

Most of the vices come in the coating of magnet. They seem alluring enough to place your soul in a combat with your mind. The winner dictates the terms throughout life; the consequences are big enough to be turned a blind eye. Fish is attracted to bait as it is innocuously naïve in the pedigree of thinking organisms and bears the brunt massively. We have a plethora of examples in our surroundings that guide us the ideal way to live a life. A tree teaches us to believe in our foundation and remain unflustered amidst the greatest storms. Climates teach us the lesson of versatility. Flowing rivers emulate the never ending spirit and challenge the existence of strongest of stones. Flowers edify us to remain pleasant even when trapped in a barbed situation. Flowers are happy for no reason; and this makes them exemplary. Sky teaches us to assimilate the existence of vastness in our inner self. The sun teaches us punctuality and to greet our fellows as it hails the glorious mountains and grey clouds with no prejudice.

Whenever the perplexity of life threatens to benumb your brain, seek relief in the lap of Mother Nature; it’s very pleasant to hear the musical chirp of a swarm of little birds wailing to the orange dawn. Resist the desires; they have a loathsome habit of betraying their bearers. We let the tentacles of desires strangulate the tender neck of our soul and what do we get in return? Take out some time and see a toddler engaged in playful liveliness and you will understand the negative consequences of desires and vices. Be a child once again.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Why nature turns vicious?

I am sure all of us are near-optimally informed of the momentous grief that Japan is struck with at present. As widespread scathe dominates, it feels if human life has minuscule value in the ample eyes of Mother Nature. We understand that our lives are directed by a set of unconquerable rules that are yet to be explored in totality, but how, why and when nature decides to act aghast against us, remains an apprehension of extreme befuddlement.

We, unknowingly, kill a lot of living creatures daily that harbor our bodies without a voluntary attempt (the medicated shampoos, antibacterial drugs, scavenger cells in our tissues which are programmed to kill a lot of extrinsic organisms etc), the question is, whether we also hold the same importance in the eye of Mother Nature? Are we chosen to exist in the world or do we just exist? What is the law of nature regarding existential reality of humans? What forces the Nature, which supplies the untiring gust of pure oxygen in our alveoli, blesses us with purest water unconditionally (60% of our bodies are made of water), gives us luscious fruits and eatables to eat, to turn a cold-blooded slayer? Is the law of harmony experiencing the draught of some missing codes, causing the marauding mayhem?

I have a genuine doubt, which I am sure; a lot of people must have had in their lives. Why aren’t we rendered disease-free in our lives? Why the constant fear of succumbing to little known syndromes and greatly known killer illnesses loops around? Who gets the thrill when we suffer? And what is achieved by this suffering? What remains unfilled in the occult equations which require the presence of sequential array of tragedies in human life? We oppose active euthanasia but we are victims of the same? Would you ever opt to put some slaughtering fungus in the succulent roots of your plant and then watch it wilting and dying? Who is better in the present understanding; a modern day thinking human or Mother Nature? Would exploring further in the milieu of Mother Nature and its laws is going to help us in understanding the significance of our existence?

What lies in a thought?

What lies in a thought? Someone becomes a monarch and someone a slave, though blessed with near equal set of neurons. Someone sees the darkness as the color of comfort; and for someone even a small flicker of light is a blinding. Someone guzzles nectar with little realization of its flavor; and for someone water has the greatest taste.

For someone, eating a green shoot from a growing plant is sin; and for someone savoring butchered flesh with gleaming silver cutlery is a necessity of life. Someone has lost all sheen for heaps of gold; and for someone a rugged old coin is priceless. Someone throws a sneeze and the world somersaults; and someone stretches horizons of hope around by silently and ardently combating with diffuse metastasis of underlying malignancies. Someone is worshipped and adored with glowing verve, yet has a hollow inner self; and someone looming alone in the darkest corner of bizarre aloofness flaunts the radiance of intrinsic contentment.

Someone is content in unsighted emulation; and someone is authoritatively innovative and yet hungry for more. Someone gets a thought and stands on his feet to change the world; and someone finds it difficult to tune in with the changing world. Someone has the grit to beard the lion in his den; and someone is frightful of his own shadow.

What lies in a thought? The clout to illuminate millions of lives; and the potency to induce a hardhearted sabotage. The choice is yours. You are blessed with an omnipotent armor, the thought. Use it and see the world your way.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

5 reasons why I blog

It’s not long before that I used to read others’ blogs and wondered what it takes to be a blogger. The obvious hurdles always frightened me and I tended to restrain putting my best feet forward. Then a fine morning, I thought to write a short and snappy piece and review the response. Now it’s 25 posts and going. Here are 5 reasons why I blog.

1. To water my withering thoughts

We tend to engross in the usual chores so hard that the presence of paranormal realities fail to stir us. Thoughts wilt and we shrink ourselves, an inundated truth. I thought to revisit the lanes of my mind where certain pockets were waiting to be explored and this blog took birth.

2. It’s ‘IN’ to be a blogger

Anything new & worth trying in the block thrills me to the core. I started blogging just to savor the experience and it rocked. What more, It’s helpful for the people who just happened to come across some of my post and wanted to read something similar.

3. To be rendered keen eyes

I always wanted to be given devoted ears and eyes, and now I have got them (my audience)! It is a rousing feel to know that people are actually reading your thoughts.

4. Bypass the editorial quibbling and be the sovereign

It really is like having my own little diary which is kept open for the people to have a glance and scribble their opinions. No hassles of getting the final-proof from the editorial seat, I decide the content, I write the content and I publish the content. Ha !!

5. I am addicted to blogging now

It never happened to hit me in the beginning but as I indulged, I have fallen prey. It’s a coercive power which forces me to take out some time from my schedule, sit down and write. It’s a lovely little feeling and a very revivifying one. No amount of caffeine has invigorated me enough than to see my little piece being fed into the gut of blogger.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Walk with a dash.

The planets move in their orbits, the sub-atoms move in their orbits. Mass is crowded form of coalesce energy and energy is movable in nature, hence mass moves. It is made to move. If movement does not happen, the law of nature is defied.

The water moves in rivulets and streams. It flows hence it exists, stagnant water catches germs and self-putrefies.

Winds move penetrating the array of nothingness and infuse life in nature.

Clouds move in swarms, generate electric fields and burst into the entrancing raindrops, the nectar of life.

Time, the metaphor of tremendous perplexity, moves ahead by virtue of its existence. No one can imagine the consequences if time freezes.

Thoughts move with electrifying speed. They defy the dogmas of velocity and little experimentation has been done to craft the scientific cause for the velocity that thoughts ride with.

Plants move. What if their roots are stuck to heap of mud; little can be done to limit their axial movement upwards, posing a vivid smile to the sun as they grow.

Climates move. They come and they go and they remain in perspective.

Blood, the fluid of life, moves. And with stirring speed. And if it does not move, life fails the body, almost immediately.

Sperm moves as the ovum. The beginning of life is subjected to optimum movement by these progenies of zygote.

The blueprint of life, DNA moves (heard of jumping genes?)

We move because we are clouded aggregation of energy particles. As Einstein proved, energy and mass are inter convertibles. Energy is movable by virtue of its nature. If it doesn’t have potential or kinetic energy, it is not energy. So let's move, with a palpable dash.

The quintessence of a woman

A woman annihilates the fretful spurt of sorrows. Electrifies and enkindles with egregious energy. Blessed with great capacity to feel love and greater capacity to cope up with pain. There is in every true woman's heart, a flicker of divine fire with cadence, which lies quiescent in the shining dawn of prosperity, but which ignites up and blazes furiously in the sinister hour of hard times.

A woman is God’s simplified portrayal of nature, enveloped in skin & soul. A woman has different colors of conscience, different hues of minds and different streaks of sentiments all amalgamated in divine proportions. As innocent as the whitest small cloud floating with glee in the enormous sky. A guardian angel in the road, helping the elders and guiding the toddlers with unweaving attention. Jack of all trades and master of many.

Bejeweled by the imperturbable halo of mercy and compassion. The self assured equilibrium amidst the mid of chaos garlands the essence of womanhood. Hides swarms of suffering beneath the superficial gleam of smile. The combatant in disguise, the hermit in holy elation. Woman is a magic potion for mammoth malevolence. When a woman comes to her glass, she does not employ her time in making herself look more advantageously what she really is, but endeavors to be as much another creature as she possibly can. Woman is the allegory of woven beams of hope and help.

Woman's mind
Oft' shifts her passions, like th'inconstant wind;
Sudden she rages, like the troubled main,
Now sinks the storm, and all is calm again.

------JOHN GAY, Dione

(I wrote this article on women's day, but got delayed in posting)

Friday, March 4, 2011

The might of night

The night is a veil. Howling moon and scowling stars guard its dynasty. The night is factory of delirious dreams and silent screams. With charcoal in its core, it fumes the flow of fright.

The night is slithery and monstrous. It fans the flames of fear, a habitual intimidator. It blinds you and preys you. Does it hides from you; or hides you? In the midst of its chutzpah, it makes your sensory system frozen.

The night is a scion of mystery. The night is an unrequited acquaintance with ample of attraction. Its fangs infuse the hypnotics into your vessels and suspended animation rules. Night is the biggest knight of the universe.

The night is clairvoyant at its peaks. It is the blotting paper for many glooms. Like a psychic charlatan, it derives pleasure in watching you deadened. Black clouds hover on the sky roof; electric thunders give shudders to the spine.

The store house of supernatural ammunition. Its essence lies in its plentiful provocative plea. It judges your inner-self and hampers your judgment. It is bleak and bleary. It is non-perspective. It silences your senses and forces you to take a temporary recluse from the world.

Night fetches our quandaries to light. A pale ghost of the day, it roars in organized anxiety. The juggernaut of gremlin. The mishmash of creepy agonies. The sinister, at its best.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Why do we sleep?

Have we thought, as laymen, why we essentially have to switch off ourselves every night (or day, for nocturnal) and succumb to nothingness? Why are we programmed to sleep? Do we need sleep to ‘recharge’ ourselves as many of the battery operated devices need? Aristotle thought that the digestion of food created vapors which naturally rose upward, causing the brain to become drowsy.

Despite the fact that most people spend more time sleeping than in any other single activity, scientists still lack much knowledge about why we need sleep or what triggers it. Serious scientific studies only began about 60 years ago, and several different theories have been developed, none of which have been proven. It is known, however, that the higher the organism on the evolutionary chain (humans being the highest) the more important sleep becomes.

It is not an accident that the approximate and traditional 8-10 hours "sleep" period coincides almost exactly with the daily and approximate 8-10 hour period of total darkness with which the living organisms had to cope. It is widely held that organisms cannot cope psychologically with long and enduring periods of total darkness without going bananas. Hence the evolutionary value for sleep fixes its importance. The heart and brain (as well as other organs) evolved as continuous operation mechanisms that, if adequately supplied with oxygen, require no "sleep" periods. Trees and other plant life do not "sleep" because darkness presents no psychological menace since plant life is not conscious and, other than a pause of photosynthesis, darkness presents no evolutionary catastrophe. Likewise, if ancients could not eliminate total darkness, the escape mechanism evolved to adapt to it. To cope with long periods of utter darkness, primitive animal life, over long periods of time, adapted to the environment by consciously entering into a sort of "stupor" or unconscious state and with the passing times, it became a die-hard habit, the genes got modified or something like that.

Recuperative theory of sleep was widely accepted but there can be failed explanation as to why bats sleep for 20 hours per day, but shrews hardly at all (Allison & Van Twyer, 1970). In addition, Meddis (1975) claims that shrew, swifts and Dall porpoises all survive without sleep.

Much work has been done regarding the basis of its genesis and importance, however, the issue is multifarious. No single foolproof theory has contented all the spectrums of need of sleep and its occurrence is mystifying. There are certain things which our labs are yet to explore, perhaps from the exaggerated lateral thinking. Why our minds are restricted from the light of essential knowledge? The perplexity is there for some reason, waiting to be chased and conquered.