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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hail mercy on little angels…

Yesterday a cute kid was admitted at my hospital in extreme distressed clinical state. She was having severe breathlessness and had probably caught most virulent variety of lung infection. In view of her sick general condition, she was kept in ICU and put on injectable medications with application of BIPAP Mask (a sealed mask which delivers high flow oxygen with pressure to assist in respiration). Her face looked pale, distraught and frightened. She was seemingly in enormous agony with no clue as to what has happened to her and why. Being the center of all attention in the ICU, she gathered courage to ask one of the nurses and her question created a wave of emotional stir. She asked whether she will be able to celebrate her birthday this year (due in June 2011) with an expectant glance. Though nurses and doctors in ICU are well oriented to handle such emotional issues, the charm of her innocence caused my eyes getting welled up with tears. I deep dwelled in the thoughts of life, birth, happiness, hope and misery. Its difficult to find a single constant in the life and I was perturbed at the fact that happiness is always followed by sorrows, health by illness and life by death. Why can’t small kids and children be free from the burden of diseases? Aren’t they too small to bear the harsh realities of life to which they owe no contribution? Isn’t it unfair to bestow sound health to one little angel and to render the other one on death bed?

As medical professionals, we are supposed to provide physical and mental healing to the sufferers even if we feel like mourning high. I fuelled up the optimism of our little patient and promised her that we will celebrate her birthday in a grand way and all her friends (which included me and 2 nurses as well) would bring nice, little gifts for her. It was a depressing sight to have a cute, chubby kid connected with machines, intravenous drips fighting to survive for her own life, and quite not knowing why she has been chosen to face this holocaust. Her parents looked as sucked up of life as dry wood, wrenched in agony, praying to almighty incessantly. I decided to re-arrange my schedules and spent a fortune of time with my priceless patient. Call it faith healing or turn of lucks or medical miracle, her seemingly very bad condition responded dramatically to subjected treatment and before she could have succumbed to the labor of breathing, her body started showing improvement. She was taken out of BIPAP machine today morning and is presently very stable and continuously showing signs of improvement. Her effervescent smile and chirpy talks are keeping the hopes alive that no malady is for forever and that true faith shines amidst the hazy clouds of uncertainties. I am still lost in the labyrinthous lanes of the mystery of nature and finding my answers. I am sure almighty can’t punish someone who has just bloomed to life and the realization of this fact makes the other facet more emboldened. If it is not God who is responsible for the unseen incidents in our lives, then who or what drives us?

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