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Saturday, March 31, 2012

15 things that are not required in life

  1. Don’t feel inferior. Never ever!! Life has given you equal chances, and you hold the edge in some or the other departments of life.
  2. Don’t get scared to commit mistakes. Mistakes are embraceable as they shape you from within.
  3. Stop rebuking yourself for old mistakes. Your mistakes are your best teachers; and you need to have a lot of such teachers.
  4. Stop being a perfectionist all the times. Give leeway to amateurishness. It’s fun and stress-busting!
  5. Don’t catch hold of the past a bit too tightly; moving on in life is important. Getting stuck would bias your momentum in life.
  6. Don’t seek pleasure at all costs. Treat patches of boredom, dejection and sufferings with wide arms.
  7. Stop lying idle. Your life is a precious belonging; invest every day in learning and experiencing something new.
  8. Don’t see everyone as competition. Humankind has a different mission rather than participating in the never ending rat race. Think big!
  9. Stop complaining viciously. It won’t do any good to you, or to the person in picture. Try to submit your point rather pleasingly.
  10. Don’t keep a grudge too closely. Forgiveness is the answer to a lot of tortuous questions; forgiveness takes you one step above in the spiritual plane.
  11. Stop giving in to the situations. Have hope, be a warrior. The best of the triumphs origin in minds first.
  12. Don’t lead a mundane life. Think something new everyday. Play with perspectives.
  13. Don’t neglect the prettiness of small things. The best parts of one’s life lie in nameless moments that passed with the speed of light.
  14. Don’t play too safe. Not everything in your life would be served in your hands; you need to come out of your comfort zone to adapt to greater tenacity of mind.
  15. You must stop being ungrateful. Even your enemy teaches you something by his acts. Every sight, experience and emotion is a teacher. Feel good in being taught practical lessons and be grateful to everyone. Focus on what you have, and what are you capable of accomplishing. 

An experience is the best teacher

I used to perform well in the entire subjects with the notable exception of mathematics. The theoretical riddles, the mystifying formulas were not meant for me. I just used to pass in mathematics and it was due to overachievement in other subjects that I used to top every class. I recollect quite precisely, it was the annual paper of mathematics in class 6th when the examination paper was leaked. The paper was leaked by the teacher himself was not a proven fact but the gossipmongers fueled this theory with quite credence. In spite of being fully familiar with what all questions are framed, and having plenty of time to be acquainted with the right answers, I could manage only 47 out of 100 marks. To make the insult more offensive, the rest 28 classmates scored full marks i.e. 100/100. I, however, managed to top this class as well as I stated before due to seminal performance in all the other subjects. But this bruise was tough to heal; in the days to come, I kept on thinking why I could not get better marks even when the exam paper was made public. I derived conclusions, unbiased ones.

The first thing that I learned with this disastrous experience was that if I don’t enjoy a particular thing, I can’t fake it. Either I am in it or I am out of it; no intervening lanes for me. Secondly, I established my personality in my own inner sphere to be that of the warrior. It made no sense to me to make any real effort for an exam whose question paper was made public days before. I was happy basking in the glory of my own marks than the adulterated version that most of my friends were craving for. I never cheated in any exam of my life; I truly believe that results are for your consideration and you must get what you deserve. Your accomplishments should not be built on ephemeral foundations, for the rides of life can be quite rocky.

Random memories of childhood

As a kid, I was full of vim and vigor. I used to walk in this sprightly gait and my face always dazzled with some kind of mischief, so typical of kids. People used to see me as a weak child; nevertheless, I took no second thoughts ever to play the biggest of pranks to the most unsuspecting folklore. As I suffered with affliction of symptomatic polio, my formal education started quite late. I attended my first class when I was 6 years old; by that time most of my colony kids had known how to make genuine excuses for not doing their homework. Though my formal education took a toll by years, I didn’t really suffer much as my mother used to teach me at home.

By the time I stepped in my first class, I was familiar with every bit of academic knowledge that my classmates possessed. To my utter disappointment, I was allotted the front seat in my class. No ready-witted kid would ever want that sort of attention from the teachers and I was no exception. When I returned home the first day from my school, I popped up the question to my mother about the biased sitting arrangement. Her explanation was something I was least expecting; she said I deserved that front seat because of my weak physical state and brawny mental state. The journey of the world had just begun and I was started being judged.

Being a neophyte in this scholarly world doesn’t help you ad infinitum; you got to learn the rules fast or you run the danger of being labeled as a loser. The world for me had just started its ride, and with each passing day, I loved the company of my classmates and my neighborhood friends as there is no tomorrow.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Play with the perspectives

Sometimes all one needs is to be at a different perspective, to render the situation a wise treatment. We can get so caught up in the split second, in the predicament, that we fail to realize that the answers lay before us.  We get entangled in the bad mood, and start being cynics. When you see the same situation from the same perspective, it is likely that the inference that you just formed gets fortified. But this inference is a distorted one; it appears at the cost of the real truth. Someone must be at a loss for this discordance between the real and the virtual.

In such cases, we start judging based on information obtained from just one perspective of the picture.  It’s human nature to quickly jump to the opinions; we do it all the times with little realizations that we are, most of the times, putting water in the wrong seeds. But when you get stuck, when you’re puzzled, perturbed, or lost- take a deep breath and try thinking in a different way.  Sometimes you might like what you discover. And then you would realize the power of perspectives.

It’s not easy to maneuver your perspective, but it’s worth every inch of it.  Why do you want to get content appreciating an incomplete vision when you can be a witness to the complete reality? Most of the times things aren’t as shocking as they seem and all it takes for you to realize that, is a second or two in a different perspective. I remember a powerful quote from Bertrand Russell that says ‘In all affairs it's a healthy thing now and then to hang a question mark on the things you have long taken for granted.’ Perspectives play grand roles in making us able to solve the jigsaw of life.

Shed away the social myopia

One must keep on exploring the facets of life, for I believe that ideas, thoughts, predilections and activities are waiting to embrace you in your trajectory. One must try to explore oneself and find out what evokes the best out of him. From soda to hog, the versatility always had a leading edge over banality; why not find out what all you excel in, or what all you enjoy indulging in?

I love to try my hands in a gallimaufry of ventures, and that has added to my versatility. I can cook well, find out the required information from the search engines by putting in just the right search keyword (I frequently use keyword tool service by google), drive for more than a day at stretch, remember people’s names whom I have not met in last 20 years or so, relate well with the basic tenets of spirituality and apply them in my own life, operate a Swiss-knife like a pro, remain on my sensible nerves even after not catching forty winks for 72 hours straight, and make a gravey face realize the luminosity of life.

I am fortunate that most of my hospital employees are also quite adept at multitasking. I expose my employees to a wide variety of works that require diagonally different mindsets and skills, and it happens quite often that I get hold of a dark horse. Such is the irony of life that a majority of people are not doing what they can do really well; ill-fitted equipment has never produced the exceptional results.

Shed away the social myopia and watch out for your substance.

Don't let your expectations dry one's chances

I feel sad in knowing that the moment someone takes birth, the heap of expectations start piling up. Initially the lion’s share of expectations comes from the parents and the family, then from the teachers and friends, then from the calls of your professional world, then from your spouse and so on. Life can be hard if you don’t attempt to find your own call. Its just one life; would you consider it nice to be told what are you good at, your, rather, what activity or profession you must enjoy? 

I believe when you carry others’ expectations or dreams rather maniacally, you are being dishonest to yourself, and to the cause of your own life. If you seek others’ thoughts for you to be in the driving seat of your life, you are being infidel to your own mind that contains a mish-mash of your own thoughts. Don’t suppress them to the extent of getting asphyxiated. Help them see the light of the day; they are in the pool of universe of some reason, and it lies in your prerogative to decipher the reason and lead your thoughts to their destinies.

It gives me goose thrill to see a young doctor in my hospital customizing the HTML code of his tumblr, to see a nurse giving extremely apt financial consultations to the people in her vicinity, and to see the chef-in-chief of the hospital acting like an electronics wizard when one or the other equipment went berserk. Life is all about possibilities, and the more you see the more you believe in. The moment you stop exploring your environment, and your own inner self, you defy the whole purpose of existence. To get hurt should be a matter of conscious choice; to feel happy must come naturally to you. I am lucky as I see myself completely fit in my profession; I could never have gained this much satisfaction in anything else.

Even while I am not at work I think like a doctor; I miss my surgical equipment; I miss the whiff of freshly fumigated operation theatre; I miss seeing the faces of my patients; I miss instructing my patients about their diseases; I miss the plebian, yet so rejuvenating, daily chores of my life as a doctor. Performing a surgery or treating a patient never comes as a work to me. It is rather being at no work; my profession makes me feel at ease. At times I feel that I don’t work at all; all I do is just to live my life the way I always wanted to. Cakes and ale come at a good price in life; I was just fortunate that I loved my profession, and in a way excelled in it, but not every person is as blessed.

10 tips to love your food

Eat when you feel like eating. When you start expecting your food, or missing your food is the best time to indulge in some soulful eating.

Take a deep breath before you start to eat. In the confines of your mind their lies a vast space that bears no boundaries. Thank the Lord, while the pith of your mind lies in this area, for enabling you to have your meals.

See the colors of your food. Colors are beautiful and our foods seldom get the appreciation for the colors they flaunt. Now let’s not be mean and visualize the beautiful, often vivid, colors of our foods before we start to eat.

Let the whiff of the succulent food enter your nostrils. A blend of different aromas can be such a mood-lifter. At this stage, you would be tempted to wolf down the first gulp.

Start eating slowly, like you are still learning to eat. This would give your taste buds enough time to appreciate the farrago of tastes, and a thorough mastication would keep your digestive system going great guns.

Imagine the processes that had been involved in making this food. The cultivation of daisy-fresh crops, the careful plucking of vegetables, the tender treatment in the kitchen, and finally the decoration with the herbs.

Imagine that the food being eaten is slowly being assimilated in your body’s systems. Feel the energies being released gradually; it’s the vital energy of life that you derive from your food.

Make sure to eat with a serene mind. Don’t indulge in negative emotions while eating.

You would best experience the food when you eat without speaking. Concentrating on the eating experience would make it feel even better.

Make it a point to eat till the time you still have some feelings for the food. If you tend to overeat, the feelings that you were experiencing moments ago will vapor away fast. So indulge in moderation.

Practice positive affirmations

Change your mind by indulging in affirmations. Positive thinking is miracle-working in shedding out the fears, suspicions and uncertainties. When a tiny voice from your inside provokes you to see the darker sides of the situation, let the might of your soul speak and call the shots. It’s not like you start becoming oblivious to realities; just invest in positive affirmations. I have seen people getting rid of chronic addictions by reinforcing their beliefs in them.

An affirmation is usually on auto-reproductive mode. You make an affirmation see the light of the universe, and probably in a few moments, you would find a number of affirmations sprouting out from the parent one.  An affirmation can help someone coming out the sea of turmoil. To commit an affirmation in the most unalloyed way, you have to understand the power that lies within you. An affirmation cannot be faked; it either exists or it does not.

The practice of positive affirmation can help you a great deal coming out of the seemingly vilifying situations unaffected. When you commit an affirmation, the alternative pathways start taking place in your subconscious and in the Mother Nature, to help you retain your faith in your affirmation. In this world, he wins who has refused to lose. Affirmation is the amulet that transforms lives and creates czars out of ordinary people. So get your best shot at positive affirmation and watch your steps progressing ahead.

20 things that would make you happy

  1. Rearrange you room. Change the interiors, realign the furniture, do whatever you want to.
  2. Write someone a personal note in a recycled paper that smells like orchids.
  3. Dress up in the funky outfit you always wanted to flaunt as a teenager.
  4. Make a collage by cutting pictures from the magazines.
  5. Take recluse in an area where the cellular network just doesn’t work.
  6. Look out for the hungriest child in the streets, and feed him aplenty.
  7. Purchase a new dress, or a new set of office stationery, or that antique furniture from chor bazaar you always had a lust for.
  8. Make plan for the rainy season. How about cruising the muddy ways to explore the town? How about getting drenched in heavy lash of rains?
  9. Cook a snack that used to be your favourite when you were a child.
  10. Help someone taking a decision.
  11. Call up someone with whom you have not spoken in ages.
  12. Make a rush to your favourite spot of the town. Be it your choice of restaurant, park, mall or cinema hall.
  13. Go to a nearby garden and watch the flowers closely.
  14. Wake up early in the morning and watch the calm faces of your sleeping kids.
  15. Finish the day’s work early and give yourself a couple of hours for your own self.
  16. Get hold of an inspirational site or blog, and get absorbed.
  17. Touch your car as if it is a human.
  18. Give your spouse a bouquet of roses. Freshly chosen roses with nice little water drops over the petals.
  19. Remember the first film that you watched with your spouse? Just watch it again, obviously with him/her.
  20. Close your eyes and imagine the highest of hills, the calmest of seas, and the widest of jungles. Remain in the state for few minutes.

10 tips for attending a conference

Know the program schedule completely. It would help you in fashioning your expectations in a perceptive way. Only if you are well aware of the detailed program schedule, you can know what academic preparation you need beforehand to actively participate.

Select the sessions that you think would be most productive in your perspective. There is no point being there at the talks which are of no, absolute or relative, use to you.

Make is a point to get the basic idea about the conference probable participants. You may catch up with someone you have been looking forward to meet since long. It is always advisable to attend a conference with one of your colleagues; it would not just add you a company, but also help you in thin-slicing the essence of the sessions.

Try to be there for the entire duration of the conference. It doesn’t appear gentle when you attend a conference on the last day and come out with the certificate in your hands. A conference is a group effort to make progress for a vital cause; make your contribution by lending keen ears and wide pupils.

Carry a bag with you that contains a notepad, few pens and may be some hand books. Of course, you would be provided a kit, as soon as you settle down in your seat, with all the essential tools right in place to help you making notes; but then why to take a chance? I feel a lot of people feel best in holding their own pens, scribbling down in their own notepads.

Keep a check on your behavior. Don’t sound standoffish. Behave cordially and display a keen and pleasant personality. You have the power to make someone’s day. Ask pertinent questions and get involved in rendering replies.

Make it a point to know the route directions a day prior to the actual conference day. Eat light the night before and sleep sound. Aim to keep your concentration levels high the coming day.

Keep your business cards with you. In a conference a lot of professional people meet and business cards exchange hands. I remember I was in Boston few years back in SLS (Society of Laparoendoscopic Surgery) Conference, and I exhausted my reserve of business cards. It was not one of the best sights to watch me writing my contact details on small white sheets, provided by the conference coordinator.

Take a keen interest in conference materials (CDs, books, products) that are kept for purchase. Roam around the stalls with intuitive mind. You might find something extremely productive for your profession right there; always keep a budget for such expenses.

Don’t forget to thank the people around who made this conference possible. The high and mighty, the successful subordinates, the amateurish interns, and the people who had been serving you with snacks – all deserve an equal bow. 

Robotic Surgery: The Holy Grail?

I feel good to see the advancement of robotic surgery in the milieu of surgical sciences worldwide. A lot of competent surgeons have been doing robotic surgery in India with good results, and the future seems even brighter. This is akin to the era when open surgery was replaced by minimal invasive surgery (for the cases that could have been managed by this mode), also known as laparoscopic surgery; I have belonged to that epoch and I can well understand the gusto associated with learning a new technique that has a potential to rewrite the rules. Robotic surgery, in coming times, would be making patients’ lives a lot easier, as it offers a lot of distinct advantages when compared with traditional forms.

As robotic surgery depends on efficient use of computer console, required to let the robot perform operating steps, the day is not far away when doctors would be operating upon patients sitting on the other side of the globe. This would enhance doctor’s reach and physical barriers to the optimum treatment would take a back seat.

Robotic surgery offers enhanced surgical precision and reduced operative trauma. This also means lesser healing time, lesser pain and improved surgical outcomes. This is especially useful in patients who are having several associated morbidites that bear the potential to affect the prognosis adversely.

Robotic surgery would reduce the presence of persons in the operation theatre, and that would considerably reduce chances of transmittable infections from the hospital staff to the patient.

Robotic surgery decreases doctor’s fatigue that is caused by prolonged hours of standing in conventional surgeries. Fatigue induced tremors of hands can result in occasional glitch, whereas there are no such issues when a surgical robot is on the mission. The programming of such systems is in a way that even if a doctor’s hand flickers, the robotic system identifies it, and ignores it to complete the surgery in the most stable way.

10 random acts of kindness

Donate your old shoes and clothes to the persons in need. For you these things may be a piling heap of discomfort, for them these are their paper boats in their stormy lives.

Spare yourself from developing addiction to social media. Liking a status is OK; but giving a real high-five may mean more to someone in your vicinity at that moment. Moreover, life is for real till the time we breathe, so don’t let virtual spheres go disproportionately important.

Make your kid win that video game from you. Allowing him to enjoy a triumph in OK, but let him sweat hit hard to get this status.

When a conference gets successfully completed, personally thank everyone – right from the projector supervisor to the person who had been serving you the cookies.

Don’t react to a situation without getting a good insight to it. Don’t stare at a fellow passenger just because he brushed against your car; he might be in real hardship that particular moment.

Think of the pizza delivery boys who have to toil real hard when it’s a national holiday for everyone. Tip them well.

Judge someone’s mind and act in accordance. Your spouse had been wanting since long to catch that special screening of the latest flick. Why not book the best seats right now?

Save electricity. Reduce carbon prints. Purposely shutting off an hour’s electricity supply of your home every month would be a good step to contribute to the society.

 Don’t allow someone else to clean the clutter created by you. Do it yourself.

Tell your children how much you love them. Give them the well deserved hug, tightly.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Every morning is a new window

Leave behind the uproar of darkness. Get a slice of life amidst multicolored hues of freshly dawned rainbows. Every morning is a new beginning to every walk of life; you wake up all afresh with bubbles of energy studding your tissues. You get out of your bed; you touch the cold ceramic floor barefooted, and you feel that whisk of life. You make efforts to separate your eyelids while they attempt hard to get locked in mutual embrace even harder. The first sight of the morning creates a glowing impression in your visual field, and you can feel the rays of light percolating you in and out.

You stop for a second, right there. Your body, unknowingly, gets in a state of subconscious induced super symmetry and you feel the whiff of sacrosanct air. You close your eyes, and you start feeling the spongy touch of super-cool morning air that carries aroma of garden shrubs. You keep your eyes closed for few more minutes while your soul childishly explores the environment around. The night-air of the room started making its way out of the window, and pink particles of fresh sunlight started occupying every corner of the room. You just touched the peripheries of life, and got frozen in sang froid trance; just imagine what lies in its pulp?

10 steps to enhance your self-image

Identify every thing that you are capable of performing with adroitness. Feel good that you have a mind that thinks amazing things. Feel good that your body gives you wonderful moments of laughing, dreaming, walking, breathing and dancing.

Make a list of things that you like in yourself. Don’t be overtly skeptic in preparing this list. Make it a point to stick this list on your desktop screen or over your work table so that you get tempted to add one quality every day. You must realize the lovable side of your personality.

Discard the superficial notions of beauty; beauty is never skin-deep. The acts of goodness make someone beautiful beyond descriptions. Repudiate the ordinary definitions of beauty. Beauty is a state of your mind, and when you are confident, compassionate and caring, you embody beauty. Let the acts of hope, kindness and positivity gain ground in the wet earth of your mind.

Don’t pay heed to different parts of your body that make you hate the mirror. Look out for the comprehensiveness of your body.

Keep yourself surrounded with a horde of positive people. You would notice a sea of changes in your thought process if you are in the company of people who are supportive and understanding.

Don’t invest the energies of your mind in any form of negativity. The world if full of people who would shatter your beliefs from the right paths without a second thought. It’s very easy to get shredded in pieces deep inside. Don’t allow anyone to hold your morals in captivity; emerge out a winner every time you are written off with vehemence.

Match your mood with your attire. Wear clothes that are comfortable to you. A good set of clothes and shoe can be an instant mood-lifter. Know your preferences, and choose your belongings yourself.

Fall in love with yourself. Take out some time to ask about the wellness of your own soul. Take out some time to steal a power nap in the noon, find a peaceful place to observe the clear sky, get full body massage like you used to get in your salad days.

Make best use of time by spreading rays of hopes in your surroundings. Identify the opportunities where you can make a difference, and then stick to your cause as if there is no tomorrow. An act of kindness always bounces back when you need it the most.

Appreciate others’ good deeds and gentle gestures. Put the kibosh on unending criticism of others. Don’t kick against the pricks every time. Be eloquent in expressing your heartfelt emotions of benevolent nature.

Spice up your marriage

Most of the persons, when get married, turn in to a different kettle of fish altogether. Marriage brings maturity. You learn to love. You learn to care. You learn to adjust. Marriage is meant to give you an everlasting companion in your celestial voyage. Make efforts to understand your spouse’s basic nature; and don’t subject it to harsh forces for if the tenacity of your spouse’s mind is ripped off, you would be left with nothing.

Don’t expect too much from your spouse, for you won’t know when you cross the boundary where your expectations start troubling the other person. Be the same starry-eyed kid that got married years ago. Accept your spouse’s shortcomings the way they are; don’t force your decisions ever. In a union of two souls, one must not take other’s living space and breathing right. Give more. Forgive even more.

Know your spouse’s preferences. Give him/her surprises. Shower praises for a worthy act. Don’t be a bitter critic; there lies a thin line in being honest and in being brutally honest. Bend down on your knees for it would make you soar high in love. Don’t let your fight cross a dawn. Impress each other like the newly weds. Express your love often, and when you do it, give it a laldy. Laugh like a drain. Make up leeway together. Be the reason of spark in your spouses’ eyes. Hold hands together. Watch dreams together. 

5 steps to boost your creativity

Brainstorm a lot: An active mosquito can be more dangerous than a sleeping lion. Galvanize the trajectory of your ideas, set them free to find their own courses. A mish mash of mighty thoughts can evoke your inherent creativity a good deal. Brainstorming is like pumping your mental muscles, which would make them stronger and more efficient in the long run. Its OK if you come to know that more than 90% of your ideas are daft, the luminosity of rest 10% matters a lot.

Don’t let any moment die unnoticed: Make it a point to keep a record of most of the moments that carried a special thought, a special idea or a special feeling. Scribble down the voice of your conscience. Keep those ‘different’ moments in a separate section of your mind, from where can easily be recalled. This habit would help you a lot in separating out the fluff from your life in a long run.

Identify your problems: To make the frenzied crowed go gaga over a saved goal, a soccer player has to identify the trajectory of the football. The moment you start taking notice of your problems, with an intention to solve them, chances of your failures droop down significantly. Once you have delineated your problems with a razor sharp intellect and a handful of insight, the solutions start getting discovered on their own.

Pamper yourself: When did you last surf a music store with your eyes looking for that special track? When did you last gulp down a scoop-full of triple sundae with your taste buds going numb? When did you last stroll in a busy countryside with springs in your feet, and sparks in your eyes? When did you last caress that undisciplined pup of your neighbor? When did you last set out on a road trip with a bunch of close folks of college time?

Read a lot: When you read, your mind works. When your mind works, it comes across unseen paths. When it comes across unseen paths, it strives to find a way that fits in perfectly. Reading can give you an insight of other people’s minds, ground realities of seemingly complex issues, a lot of analytical data, a high-quality dose of multifaceted knowledge, and an introduction with the important aspects of lives. 

Please forgive me.

Forgive more often. Hatred is an emotion that seems benign and well justified, but comes with a kitty of malicious implications. People are not bad or biased; there natural reactions to the tough circumstances make them that way. By saying ‘tough circumstances’, I mean the circumstances which bear potential to change the course of anything following them, by virtue of decisions taken at that very moment. Not everyone is mentally conditioned to behave in a composed way in these challenging moments.

Give someone a flower. Send someone a sorry message. Arrange someone a welcome party. Forgive someone pretending you came out unaffected by something that arose due to one’s actions. We are all born to love, to spread hope and faith. It must not be in our nature to behave beast like, for to know the meaning of life, one must identify one’s spiritual level, and then to get it kiss the possible pinnacle. Don’t think yourself high and mighty for we all are born the same; nothing demarcates our basic characters except our mental frameworks which get twisted indifferent ways in response to a variety of emotional stimuli.

By carrying hatred in your breast, you would diminish someone’s chances of self-realization. Take a step ahead in embracing someone who caused you agony at some point of time. It would take away heaps of stress from your mind; and who knows if you just induced a life-changing moment in someone’s life by your kind gesture? To forgive is akin to give birth. You give birth to unbridled positivity and a sea of love. Don’t expect much in return for then the motive would be selfish; do your deed and keep walking ahead. In the journey of life, you must get rid of all the redundant burdens that slow down your momentum. Cruise forward with a big heart; come closer to the stark realities of life. You are meant to sow seeds of positivity, compassion, love and hope in the minds of people you come across. Mother Nature is watching your every deed; give her reasons to smile more often.