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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Convulsing Confusions

How many thoughts can wander in a human mind in a minute?

How are thoughts related to intuitions?

How are intuitions related to outcomes?

If a pleasure causes mental fatigue, is it worth it?

Which angle are you viewing your life with?

How do you allow trespassing of your mind? Is it controllable?

How does mind harbors miseries and pleasantries in isolated existence?

If the soul has a life, what constitutes it?

Why do we seek divine intervention when we are unhappy?

What is the basis of programmed release of undecipherable happenings in our lives?

Do Dreaming and Day Dreaming have a common basis? What controls the same?

What are divine sensations? How can those be achieved?

Does a thought carry measurable weight?

Light is the basis of life, energy is the basis of light, what is the basis of energy?

What is more logical, life or after-life?

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