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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Its sad to see someone addicted to drugs.

Drug abuse has a lot more evil to it than what comes to our immediate thoughts. Unfortunately, we don’t realize the magnitude of the problem sitting in our plush offices. People who fall prey to this satanic ritual fail the voice of their self-righteousness and conscience. Most of the drug addictions lead not only to psychological dependence but also to physical dependence. I have seen a lot of young, middle aged and elderly people spanning all walks of life that have been eclipsed to the world of lull darkness by this fiendish habit.

A person fails to see the malicious implications that drug abuse brings along. Most of the time people first experience substance abuse in the setting of peer pressure. Many times people take recluse in this horrendous habit while tending to negotiate their anxious and dejected state of mind. People start doing drugs in a fraction of moment, failing to see the horizons that fade in the future with enormous pace. Illegal drugs are costly to procure and invariably involve middlemen, the people with antisocial background and necrotic conscience. So a gullible person that gets involved with this unfortunate habit has to break laws to keep fuelling his or her substance craving episodes.

The conscience of drug addicts takes a toll to suffer a premature death. An addict can not differentiate between good and bad; what his myopic view sees is the dose of drug and mode to procure it. Even the dog in the street knows that drug abuse has never-ending appetite for lives. The loss of a loved one is impossible to be replenished. Are we doing something to address this problem, collectively or sporadically? Is our government doing enough to protect our kids and youth by the evil effects of this habit? Do you think you should think more actively about this problem? By failing to keep up to the social expectations, aren’t we failing ourselves in the eyes of our children and our loved ones too? Can anyone be sure to keep one’s progenies immune to this stigma?

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