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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Are you devoting some time to yourself?

What do you see when you fix your gaze with your mirror-image? There are more than normal chances that you would observe crowfeet, wrinkles, hyper-pigmentation and sagging skin, especially if you have crossed 30 years of your life! Take out some time to look beyond that; can you imagine you had been one of the cutest toddlers of your extended family. What happened to your facial luminosity? Nothing, it lies all there but the eyes fail to see that. Attempt to see that beautiful person that lies beneath your skin, and feel good after realization. Beauty is not skin deep; it is something beyond the reach of measurable finites.

The struggle for existence is, not altogether, an evil; the important virtue is to know that you are special in the whole world. Make attempts for continuous enlargement for the area of peace and love in your inner self, and then your spiritual vision would show you vivid colors that you are made of. Its all about clear thinking and fixing of priorities. Every person should be respected as an absolute end in himself, and yet, every person must be treated as an essential part of the cosmos. Get a hands-on experience with the subtle depth and omnipresent force of instinct and timeless faith, and that would be the time when you would feel at the maximum effortlessness. You must start your own voyage for long-sought-for and long-despaired-of inner reality and essence of life, which is ecstatically beautiful and ageless. 

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