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Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Joy of catching up 'Breaking News'

The glorious morning welcomes you with cloudy sky and clear conscience. Somnolent leaves get stirred with jealous thrusts of mighty winds, and infuse freshness in the broad canvas of life. You get hold of your newspaper with a pregnant poise and open the first leaf in the expectation of some nice stuff that holds some importance to you in your life. Alas, most of the times, the front page is abuzz with diurnal activities of self-worshipping leaders. Sigh! You keep on turning page after page; a nice coverage of the ‘should-be’ pulchritudinous foreign policy; a peep in the personal life of the tinsel town’s most written about kid; the discovery of yet another genomic sequence responsible for obesity or Alzheimer’s disease or Kleptomania; the over decorated coverage of a trivial achievement of a political party; the insider’s version of how far the petrol prices can soar till the mass-anxiety of apocalypse sees a slow death; the fanciful photos of western damsels with over-glorification of their achievements that have little to do with infant mortality rate,  or with avoidable maternal mortality rate of our country.

Expecting a better dose from TV can make you pluck that last bunch of friable hair from your scalp; reporters regurgitate anything to capture eyeballs, little aware of the fact that brain is the higher learning centre and not the eyes. Some channel would show a grotesque, and at times, biased analysis of your celestial existence and birth charts. Some channel would report events that clearly favor a section of political parties; some channel would be telecasting heated debate over 3rd ball of 5th over of a league match of IPL; some channel would be infusing wisdom that if you don’t purchase that aluminum wallet, your brain has possibly atrophied beyond permissible limits. Such is the glory of every morning; the saga of breaking news sometimes is powerful enough to disjoint our day before it starts. I submit no complains, as there are takers for every little fictitious news, everywhere. Are you also seeing the numb reporter painstakingly trying to make sense about the high-than-normal possibility of ‘tomato flu’ in your neighborhood?

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