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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Philosophical Kid

I get stirred with the history of modern philosophy. Though, being a doctor, it gives me little time to read anything that doesn’t fall in the realms of medical sciences; still, hand me a book with chronicles of modern philosophy, and I am like a kid who just got his favorite pack of candies. I get gooseflesh reading the works of Plato, Aristotle, Voltaire, Francis Bacon, Herbert Spencer, Benedetto Croce and John Dewey; and the more I am able to know their minds, the more I am in awe of possibilities of human mind.

As being a scientific specialist, I have been conditioned to see what lies in front and then to find out the basis of its existence; the philosophers, however, have a different way of thinking. They tend to make opinions at a grand scale even about the things which most of us would think to be non-existential. Philosophy is the content of life; just like the molecules make a substance, in my opinion, philosophy makes a life. It is sad to see that in today’s world of shrinking relationships and swelling frustration, people still don’t realize the importance of philosophical interventions.

Philosophical sciences are all-encompassing; these would not be restrained by peripheries like most of other sciences are. I believe, if our education systems can empower our kids to get a slice of philosophy from the tender years, in a way that is applicable to them, it can make a great impact on collective growth of nations and people. In life, thought process is the only power we have; and philosophy helps us in aiming the spot right. 

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