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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Ever felt victim of 'Mass Narcissism'?

Be expansive. Be unrestrained. Learn to listen to your own self. Opt for your choices yourself, as that is the best way to learn and live. A human is a complex, yet orderly, array of different mechanisms and substances. We have affinities. We have tendencies. We are blessed with a machine, but onus of making the best use of this machine lies solely on us only. Education helps in unearthing the little known, but vital facts about life, its scope and its vastness. Independent thought process also helps in sharpening the skills required to see beyond what is visible to ordinary eyes and minds.

If you are meant to be a good violin player, chances are that you would have felt proximity to the instrument, and to the whole process of playing it and listening to it. Now why do you want to learn Java when it bores you to death? Why not master yourself in the art (or science) of your choice? Some kids are born leaders; sometimes they trespass the intellectual limits of their parents to which the parents don’t take a kind attitude. As a result, they are forced to think a definite way. Clearly, independence is taken away in the name of family norms. A life is something bigger. To produce changes in the society, we need to make leaders. And to make leaders, we need to allow the liberty of free thinking to our kids.

Swelled-headed attitude of parents results in mismatched choices that their progenies are burdened with. This leads to the birth of conflicts, often turning to the fine kettle of fish. Every one has 24 hours in a day, every one has the same sun and moon, then why isn’t everyone bestowed with the liberty to make opinions and defend them intellectually? Our thought process is our biggest armor in the vast cosmos; why every one wants to muddle with our biggest strength? Any one heard of mass narcissism? Why don’t we come out of the self-imposed circle of self-doubts? Why don’t we yearn to find the real meaning of happiness?

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