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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Stellar Power of Rapid Cognition

We must be aware of the stellar power of rapid cognition. Most of us don’t spare a thought over where our first impressions come from. Even before the neural circuit of our conscious brain can attempt a decoding, our subconscious seems to form an opinion. Is the cognition a result of acquired intelligence of our present life, or of many lives that we have lived in the celestial space? It happens so often that an opinion, a thought intrudes our minds and turns out to be true; odds have chances to win but what prompts our minds to give an advantage to underdogs when compared with established winners?

What is the rule of winning? What prompts us to cheer a little known side in a game of soccer when the odds are high that it would, eventually, be knocked out mercilessly within minutes? What makes an underperformer overcome a giant one odd day? Self belief or tryst with destiny, or a combination of both? Is there an equation behind or is that just by chance? ‘Just by chance’ must also be driven by some principles, I am sure; so what takes it to break the myths and achieve something stellar. Premonitions have not been given ample of scientific leverage in our traditional medical sciences; I think a lot about basic functioning of abstract human mind and the more I think the more I get puzzled.

There are a lot of facts for which the reasons are so many to choose from; there are a lot of ironies which need judicious explanations; the dogma of premonitions, and human subconscious, is waiting to be explored. Isn’t it time to get hold of all the ancient scriptures and try to find a scientific basis for the mentioned nuggets of knowledge? 

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