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Friday, June 29, 2012

10 things to do before being hospitalized

No one likes to get admitted to the hospital; not even the most fire-eating kind of red-blooded geeks. But then let’s face the music of reality; most of us get admitted to the hospitals for one or the other bodily issues that has gone wrong. If you are heading to get admitted at a hospital for some elective procedure or treatment, it would help you a lot if you take a note of the below mentioned facts;

  1. Make sure everyone in the family is clear of their roles.
  2. Ensure to have a clear idea of expected financial obligations beforehand so that you arrange the entire amount well in time.
  3. Act strong; the best clinical results are obtained when the patient has a tenacious mind and positive outlook.
  4. Don’t leave any pile of works that would bother you while you are being headed to the operation theatre. Apply for sick leave well in advance and engage your colleagues to look after your work in your absence.
  5. Know your rights and responsibilities as a patient. Times have changed and hospital policies have seen a quantum jump from those being practiced may be few years back.
  6. Know about the physical limitations that you would be carrying home after your discharge from the hospital. This way you can plan for necessary arrangements in your house beforehand, saving yourself from a lot of worries.
  7. Request your family members and friends to stick to the visiting time slot of the hospital for meeting you.
  8. Ensure to circumspect every little thing related with your present illnesses. In case you think you have missed out telling a point to your doctor, do so at the first opportunity.
  9. Don’t keep any negative thoughts. Avoid apprehensions and anxieties. Sleep well the night before.
  10. Learn to find humor in every little thing and step out with a radiant confidence to regain health.

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