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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Initial days of my brush with blogging

It was with at the behest of one of my colleagues at my hospital that I spent a couple of hours understanding the nuances of what actually a blog is. The year was 2008. The month was November. The climatic fervor was youthful. I discovered the diamond. As a child I had practiced writing my own diary that chronicled daily events in my own biased version; little did I know that a lot of people are writing their diaries in the web version for the ordinary person to read, appreciate and be inspired. A blog is a diary in which you can pen down anything you want. It will be updated within seconds and it will remain forever in the monarchy of internet. I was left ensorcelled by the possibilities of creative power attained, if I started to operate my own blog. That night I got a fragmented sleep, and wool-gathering was the essence of the coming day. I was partially in a reverie. Oh how badly I wanted to start sharing my observations with ordinary people, how badly I wanted to let people know my edition of life and it’s lanes. Every life is a story worth telling. Every life is a jamboree worth its gall.

The next morning, I signed up on blogger, the official blog platform of google. Though during those days a lot of folks were using wordpress, I was a bit cynical to host my blog on wordpress. I don’t know why. May be it had to do with the installation process and customization efforts that required a bit of insight knowledge of the technology, which I was not sure whether I possessed. I was more comfortable with the blogger interface and the options of templates and layouts it provided. In a matter of minutes, my blog was all ready to take birth. I was as happy as a sandboy and my mind had started working on what would be my first blog post.

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