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Friday, June 29, 2012

Experience 'Nothingness'

Most of us don’t feel in sync with the idea of sitting softly with a bare mind. For most of us the idea of evacuating our minds with any thought seems frightening, and seemingly impossible. If fact, this idea is often a blockade to any attempts to meditate or try exercises that advocate mindfulness. We are so absorbed in our own nests that attempts to see the world beyond it don’t really get our complete conscience working for it.

What often happens when you embark on to focus your thoughts, say on your breathing pattern or on a specific, and imaginary, point of light, is that you discover you are over and over again distracted and running off with stampeding thoughts. This is not something out of the world; it happens during the initial phases of our mind’s conditioning to know beyond what lays ahead our eyes. Distraction, in such settings, is not something that should deter you; distraction is the rule of the thumb which just signifies that you have stepped rightly on the voyage ahead. No one discovered God Particle without just like that.

The process of attempting to focus awareness and realizing that you are barking up wrong tree is priceless. At first this may seem a simple eye-opener, but progressively realizing that your thoughts do not denote your eternal self can be liberating. When you discover that thoughts navigate in a ceaseless flow, you can make choices about how you relate to these thoughts.  It would, solely, depend on you to choose the thoughts which you consider to be allies in your quest to self-realization. Which thoughts will you let pass by in a blink?  Which thoughts do you want to maneuver? Which thoughts are just fillers? Which thoughts carry keys to the bigger expeditions?

Mindfulness is not about suppressing your thoughts; its about holding a command over what enters your mind and what remains there. Make every moment a saga of conscientious awareness and you would witness abundant glorious patterns breathing frantically. Life is an awesome experience; you have the tools and you have the time – knowing the technique can bring a sea change in your perception of the inner world and the outer world.

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