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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Kindness is non-negotiable

Practice kindness to the pith. Your present state is an outcome of your past deeds and your future would be shaped by what you indulge in today. All said and done, many a times we get carried away by a flicker of sentiment and put our thinking neurons to hibernation; an outburst of anger, hatred or revenge follows and we, inadvertently, become the destructors of our destinies. The paroxysms of anger have always resulted in bad blood; one must take a pause and think about the situation from an altogether different perspective.

Human life is a constant struggle for achieving the state of nothingness; a state where you become empty inside as you contain everything. Quite an oxymoron, but that is the truth of life; when you seek refuge in worldly emotions, you keep on getting jolts, one after another. When you stop reacting to distracting stimulus and invest in true emotions, such as love, hope and kindness, you start experiencing as if the nature is breathing in tandem with you. Life is a bouquet of wild roses and life is an assortment of poisonous thorns; the perception of life depends on your perspective and thought process.

Kindness is the non-negotiable law of nature. Most of the awe-inspiring and heaven-sent experiences happen when you display abundance of kindness. To forgive is kindness; to sacrifice is kindness; the beatific display of abundant care is kindness; non-violence is kindness; respecting others’ mental spheres is kindness; to lessen others’ burdens is kindness. Practicing kindness comes as an addiction to those who derive the psychic pleasures out of it; when you start contributing to Mother Nature’s equilibrium of energies by practicing kindness, you truly shine out as the most resplendent diamond.

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