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Friday, June 29, 2012

20 things you can achieve in 10 minutes

  1. Burn 200 calories.
  2. Take a small nap.
  3. Plan a surprise party for your colleague.
  4. Get a family photograph clicked.
  5. Get involved with a Child Relief NGO.
  6. Open up the window and breathe some fresh air.
  7. Read the editorial page of your favorite newspaper.
  8. Read the preface of a book and plan the reading sessions for the week ahead.
  9. Call your parents.
  10. Get a reality check with your child’s progress in his academics.
  11. Prepare fruit salad.
  12. Wipe out someone’s tears.
  13. Organize your drawer and clean your keyboard.
  14. Make a list of ‘to-do’ activities for the month.
  15. Write an email to your future spouse.
  16. Hum a nostalgic tune.
  17. Bask in the glory of silence.
  18. Read the reviews of a newly released book / film.
  19. Change the passwords of your social media identities.
  20. Write a blog post.

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