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Friday, June 29, 2012

Who is not in love with rains?

The delight-amplifying mechanism of Mother Nature induces clouds to pour down heavily in response to the roasting heat caused by the summers. Mystic hues caused by a riot of raindrops; nostalgic aroma of wet earth; water-logged parks with mud-smeared kids; sinking and floating pool of paper boats; window panes getting an eternal caressing from streams of showers; that feel of riotous water trickling down your hair; those facial gestures of a long-held prayer being answered; getting a kick in shearing a water-filled mud hole by speeding our vehicle over it; the mass-hugs and the abundant giggles; the momentary evanescence of worldly worries!!

Rains fulfill a missed connection between us and Mother Nature. I remember those spells of joyous feet-thumping in rain waters, those sprees of singing aloud with a bunch of friends while it rained as if there is no tomorrow. On the outer side, it may seem that rains convolute the orderly arrangements; however, in real, rains serve to make the things attain some patterns, and regain lost sheen. Rains join sky and earth, which otherwise never touch each other. With the interconnectedness of all the elements of Mother Nature, the world seems more fluid than ever when it rains. Oh I have been bitten so badly by the bug of rains! When would it rain in Delhi?

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