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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Betrayals happen; life is a pebbly ride

I have seen very close colleagues, dear folks and random people betraying my trust when I was least prepared. I have seen myself landing between rock and hard plane quite a few times, and the memories of most aghast attempts still haunt me. These are the days when one can really relate to one’s belongings and one’s beliefs. I have emerged out from the tunnels of coal, remaining unstained but the process has been every inch nightmarish.

During such unfortunate spells, I have cocooned myself from the fickle minded attempts at maligning my reputation. Mum’s the word for me in such situations as I am an uncompromising believer in the power of actions. I am not someone who can be made mince meat of easily; and I believe that I have gathered this power by the realization of my inner self. We, the humans, hold mammoth powers that lie within us, and have the potential to transform lives. The ones who are on ever-exploring spree often get the equations right and are able to bring a radical change in the circumstances; others simply curse the fate and get moved in the direction of the force that has overpowered them.

We must be our own masters or else the vilifying attempts of people with suppressed conscience would keep on bringing you the dishonor and disturbance that you don’t deserve. I was taken aback in disbelief when I first discovered that one of closest pals didn’t think twice in cheating me with money when I was experiencing the hilliest of all the problems. The more you are connected with your folks, the more wounded you come out when breach of trust happens. With passing times, my armor of experiences has grown out of proportions, and this day, I find myself at a juncture where I am less prone to get succumbed to such baleful attempts. 

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