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Thursday, February 23, 2012

20 things to make you more efficient at work

  1. Make a list of assignments that require your immediate attention. Be sure to ease out the fluff and make sure to prioritize even the contents of this list.
  2. Read a lot of books that deal with your professional expertise. Reading self-development books would also be open the gates of your mind to help you attain a future-proof vision.
  3. Organize your work-space efficiently. Organize your data, your table and your work schedule.
  4. Invest in things that make you happy.
  5. Aim to balance out long term gains with short term objectives.
  6. Learn to make smashing presentations. Of course you can hire someone for this; but knowing the complexities of basic chores can bring about a bigger change. Steve Jobs used to work relentlessly over his presentations for days till he got the right message with the right color-tone, right visuals and right choice of words with right duration.
  7. Keep an archive of all your important mails and transactions. Keep a track of all your passwords at a safer place.
  8. Unsubscribe from all the 3rd party emails that are of no use to you. Keep the appetite of your inbox sane for the want of those useful emails that evoke some professional and personal interest.
  9. Learn dropbox. Or any other online file storage application. I learnt this, and found this really helpful.
  10. Learn to bookmark sites. This way you would be able to keep a track of all the useful sites that you would want to visit every now and then.
  11. Get registered to the conferences in your professional mileu, and make it a point to attend them. The learning phase of a professional should never stop. And the age that we are living in, it must keep on redefining itself with a discovery announcing its presence every other day.
  12. Make it a point to keep in touch with your colleagues, regularly. Pertinent advises just emanate naturally amidst vapors of freshly brewed coffee.
  13. Aim to learn a new thing every 3-4 months. It would not just feathers to your versatility; it would also help you in your professional frontier.
  14. Make it a point to read all human-written emails yourself, and to respond them without fail.
  15. When you get bored of your professional schedules of the day, browse the internet productively. Surf informative blogs, take a look at most watched photos on flickr, learn some new internet technologies that don’t require you to be an IT geek, get a sneak peek into twitter trends, observe the latest advancements in your professional world, watch educational videos on youtube, find out what’s happening in the world by hitting a credible news site etc.
  16. Eliminate distractions while you work.
  17. Give your undeterred attention to one task at a time, and see the remarkable change in results.
  18. Set out for the most vital tasks at the time when your mind is the freshest.
  19. Reward yourself with small breaks while at work. Utilize this time to relax yourself, mentally and physically.
  20. Don’t make others in a position where they had to struggle to read your mind. Communicate.

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