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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Do you have a substitute for an ironclad attitude?

Pursue your ambitions doggedly. An ironclad mindset can sail through the wavy patches with commanding grit. There exists a fine line between being stubborn and being resolute; the differential feature is the inclusion of intellect in the latter category. Rather than struggling mindlessly for your cause with faded insight; aim to define your objectives with staunch precision, and then go for the jugular.

Hell-bent attitude would make you withstand toughest blows of the destiny without really calling it a day. Be obstinate. Thwart off melancholy. Love the tit-a-bit of the sojourn that leads you to your choice. It all lies in the mind; closer to being that of the switch on, switch off mechanism. You assume a task to be impossible and your mind sends signals about it to the subconscious, which is not able to decide on its own and relies on the decision of the mind to process it. Once subconscious is presented with any fact, it does its best to make that happen. You must have noticed that as soon as you think a task to be cherry play for you, it actually starts taking shape pretty brilliantly. So the call is to reinforce the belonging to a cause; that way you are feeding your subconscious with your objective and it would ensure that you see yourself in an advantageous position.

Stylize your modus-operandi with little known tools. Opt for tangential cause-effect analysis. Look out for the abstract side of the problem areas. Seek help from your own deepest spaces. Link multifaceted theories together, to arrive at a new platform. Don’t confuse an obstacle with a barrier. Make a lot of side routes that must be looked for when a certain plan doesn’t work. Do brain-storming painstakingly. Don’t mitigate your chances for the lack of your belief in your abilities or in your cause; get up, sport a wide grin and get going.

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