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Sunday, February 26, 2012

The World of a Moment.

  1. Assemblage of emotions that are born out of egregious wombs.
  2. Listlessness; often of the order to make you start feeling like a blotting paper.
  3. Dulcet reminiscence of close-held memories while you stare at those framed family photos .
  4. Aroma of freshly baked muffins.
  5. The uproar of your happy Labrador.
  6. Felicity over a trivial achievement; ironical it is - trivial the achievement, less evanescent it’s after-effects are.
  7. Petrichor. This means smell of earth after it has rained.
  8. Varicolored desires.
  9. Sugary promises.
  10. Flawed fortunes.
  11. Pandora's box of burdened expectations.
  12. A pregnant pause.
  13. To beleaguer your satanic side.
  14. To be able to touch, and feel.
  15. Halcyon spirit. Declining to come out of the cocoon.
  16. The tenacity of friable dreams.
  17. The affection of morning mist with moon shine.
  18. Diaphanous delusions. 
  19. Grumpy rides of a less blessed life that fail you all the times.
  20. To sink in your own inner self, and get drowned helplessly.

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