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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

08:00 AM to 08:00 PM. I love the mesh-work of my moments.

A day is so long. You can accomplish a lot of things in a day’s span. Yet some of us crib about the seemingly short length of the day. They wish it was longer. I feel the day is just enough in duration to give you the best opportunity to get your tasks done. Yet for some of us, most often the teenagers and the ones who have lost their drive to work, the day’s affairs are sitting on the fence and prevaricate the things to the best possible extent. For them the day starts late and ends early. And the time in between is just sufficient for them to eat, take rest and indulge in day-dreaming. For the starry-eyed amateur, the world has just opened its wings. Learning to fly comes later in life and requires tenacity in the attitude.

There are people who are accomplished multi-taskers. For them the day is an opportunity. For them the dawn is the opening of gates of life and the dusk is the hard-earned reward. Females, as they say and now proven by scientific researches also, are born multi-taskers. The connecting strand between their two cerebral hemispheres is roughly 20%-30% thicker than that of their counterparts, and that gives them to simultaneously perform a feast of activities. That’s why they can manage small kids at home with more vigor than that of a newly trained nanny, cook meals with the precision of a gastronomic aficionado, take shots at knitting and designing their own fashion-ware, satisfy their gossiping-genes to the abyssal heights and give a new meaning to the sulking relationships of peers in the family by reinventing them. A day is a clay mould; you put your life in it with a focused effort and you get back the result of your choice.

I feel good when I am working at a nightmarish pace. There are times when I perform 12 surgeries, give consultation to 50 odd patients, take 8 hourly ward rounds in my 45 bedded hospital, attend close to a hundred phone calls and still feel like a neophyte when it comes to the energy levels. It all lies in the mind. You can opt to live you life without complaining or you can be in a huff with no rewards. You become what you think. The mesh-work of moments admires those who are dab hands at the theory of relativity. The length of the day is fixed; you make it longer and you make it shorter. 

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