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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Who kicked the hornet's nest? Don't target Bhagwad Gita.

The controversy over Bhagwad Gita is unholy and unexpected. I don’t purchase the theory that Bhagwad Gita is biased in its interpretation of life and its true meaning, leave aside of allegations that it contains inflammatory scriptures. What I collect is that the controversy is more due to anti-ISKCON stance of some mighty forces in Russia than due to the neutral teachings of our holy book. The matter is interspersed with a lot of indwelling hullabaloo; while the prosecutor says that his plea gains its status based on the expert opinion of the concerned officials related to Tomsk State University, the irony is that the so called ‘expert officials’ deny their opinion as being the official word. They render it to their own personal estimation.

The whole basis of stigmatizing Bhagwad Gita takes its birth from the interpretation of the scripture by Swami Prabhupada. Some have termed the explanations to be potent enough to cause religious divisions and some also travel to the extent that abusive words have been used for the folks who display no faith in Lord Krishna’s teachings. I have this deep insight that things are being manipulated and there are some gains on offer for the people responsible for stirring the hornet’s nest.

We, the Indians, have absorbed moral values, tranquility and wisdom by following the teachings of Bhagwad Gita ad infinitum. And why just Indians, I am sure a lot of our global citizens have seen their lives being catapulted to higher spheres just by pouring unconditional faith over the knowledge shared in Bhagwad Gita. Bhagwad Gita has been and would remain a favorite with scholars, sages and wise people all over the world. Leo Tolstoy was an ardent aficionado of our holy book; its first Russian translation took place about 225 years ago. The knowledge has no boundaries; its always on the self propogative spree, enlightening everyone that comes across its path. It would be best if this storm is resolved as soon as possible and I am sure the government of Russia would act in an exemplary way. 

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