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Friday, December 30, 2011

No more moonshine Mr Politician.

Who loves politicians?

I am not a usual follower of real-time dose of news; it just happened that I was switching channels in the night of 29 December 2011 when I came across ‘live footage’ from Rajya Sabha. A heated debate on the current version of Lokpal was stirring with a lot of moonshine, an essential part of politics. I glared the screen for quite a few minutes and then started feeling like being hauled over the coals. I have never understood politics, and I won’t ever will; the subject needs more manipulations than my heart and brain could allow in unison.

I don’t like modern forms of politics in its face. Most of the politicians today will first undress you mentally and then outrage your intellect.

Anna Hazare did an exceptionally hard-hitting work of evoking the common man’s emotions. I don’t think even he ever imagined the amount of dynamic support that he gleefully witnessed during his long-drawn-out fast at Ramlila Maidan, New Delhi. For every fact is not seeable until the onset of divine light. Divine light is the light of knowledge. It is the light that doesn’t hide even a tittle of darkness in the silhouettes of its multiple spectrums. No matter the ideal Lokpal bill becomes a reality sooner or later, my gut feeling says it will see the light of the day in coming years.

Politics is the pith of any country’s dynamism. We must choose our politicians very sensibly and cautiously, for the repercussions would be merciless if we get lenient in our choices. We live in a vast country with a rich farrago of cultures and it’s our duty to keep the legacy going.

Elections are at a stone’s throw distance. I will practice my electoral right with wired conscience and hyperactive senses. No knee-jerk reflexes and no suspended animation; I must out-perform as a citizen to give my bit in the extended prosperity. Mere cosmetic correction won’t really do; what our politics needs is a comprehensive remodeling.

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