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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Do You Require An Electromagnetic Helmet?

We are living in the era of scientific ecstasy. Our thinking neurons have taken a leap from Pre-Neanderthal era to that of the modern day, where zippiest telecommunication is the call of the hour. I am sure if you ever happen to pass by a congested lane in Old Delhi, and you happen to appreciate the sky, all that you see is the patches of sky blue bruised badly by an array of electric wires. Now this is the truth that is visible to the eyes. The reality is far more ugly, and horrid as well.

Millions of cell phones that enjoy closest proximity to human bodies that any electronic appliance ever did; lacs of giant cell phone towers dispersed everywhere. How much electromagnetic radiations to you think you have to eat everyday because of these technical expansions?

Your home has a TV, a satellite direct-to-home transmission service, desktops / laptops with internet facilities, refrigerator, washing machine, stereo system, microwave oven and what not. If you happen to see all those electromagnetic waves piercing your bodies, I am sure you would faint in gross disbelief. These electromagnetic waves have energy, and that energy must be doing something with our bodies, and our minds. What do you think? Are you sure they are non-interfering? Has anyone measured susceptibility of a DNA to the riot of electromagnetic waves?

Offers, and some more offers. Electronic devices have become a lot more affordable than they used to be a decade back. That means an even distribution of intruding electromagnetic energy in our households, society and world at large. Someone mentioned, ‘faith is blind’; how true indeed. A case of mass myopia, or a case of exaggerated, unrealistic hopes? How much maneuvering does the nature allows?

Are we digging our own graves?

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