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Thursday, December 8, 2011

All Random Events have Planned Motives.

I have always placed a rock-strong belief in the concept of reincarnation; and every time I come across a book written by Dr Brian Weiss, my belief increases manifolds. As a kid I was told about the concepts of reincarnation, karma, prayers and related spiritual subjects by my parents. Even though many questions were left unanswered due to lack of credible explanation, my heart abided the teachings. I definitely placed my belief in the theory that your destiny is the result of your karmas and when you take re-birth, its just another chance to get away from the cycle of life and death and attain the ‘brahm’ state.

Dr Brain Weiss, according to me, is an immensely talented, insightful, knowledgeable and courageous person, who kept his questioning cells free from any restrictions. Life is what other than the state of utter liberty? As I have grown up spiritually reading his books, I take no exceptions in instating that his observations and findings make sense. Our karmas, our relationships and our thoughts make tangled knots in our subconscious mind, which eventually exhibit in the form of physical symptoms. For every phobia, déjà vu, string of strange but related incidents, there lie a lot of spiritual and karmic connections. What we perceive as random events or moments in our lives are planned ones, with detailed and precise motives. The power of soul is unparalleled, and in most instances, unexplored.

Meditate a lot. Learn to align the axis of your mind, body and soul and all your fears, insecurities, negative emotions would go for a toss. You will feel liberated. You will feel elated. You will feel close to God.

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