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Thursday, December 8, 2011

'Observations' have been my best buddies.

Serendipitous observations have always been my thick friends. As my profession demands, I have to spend a lot of time observing my patients’ gestures and expressions in the hope of getting a vital clue about the indwelling disease. This way I am blessed, for the requirements of my profession and my personal interest blend in perfectly. To observe is the prerequisite to learn, and eventually to grow.

I hold this deep-seated belief that by keenly observing a person, or a situation, or a mere thought, we allow our energy fields to get closer to that of our subject of observation. And this gives us power to reach a state where the intervening lines no longer exist; you reach as close to your subject as you are to yourself. And this is precisely the point where you start producing the desirable changes, the changes of betterment. Observations start touching the key-points when your intuitive abilities have outgrown the ordinary standards.

To enhance your intuitive powers, you have to know and put your faith on the virtue called ‘belief’. If your subconscious gets to know your belief, it turns the desire into the reality. But then the belief should not be an artificial one, or one with fragile integrity. Nothing is a miracle. The cosmic reality is all studded with the mutual arrangements and reactions of energy fields. Your thought is a cloud of specified energy; energy that has power to transform. Prayers get answered when the faith is unalloyed, because the subconscious perceives this as your deep desire and the natural forces act in accordance to make your desires see the light of the day. So strengthen the roots of your existence; start practicing faith and stop worrying.

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